Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quiet Time

My mind has been relatively quiet which has kept my fingers from reaching out to the keyboard as reflections of my life pass through for my observation, consideration, understanding, acceptance and love.  We are in a space that says "It's time to love all of you and all of your life, not just the parts that you find acceptable."  

Yes, the times we are in remind us that each step of our life has been and is important.  We have chosen these times to come to the understanding that even in the idea of imperfection is perfection.  As we initiate each step in the process of our life we intermingle with others and they with us.  In this intermingling, information comes in the connections and reflections of life we share with each other.  Each connection no matter how long or how short it is brings a communication that has the purpose of bringing to us an awareness of life beyond this life and awareness of the movement of our soul. 

When images of your life experiences come to you watch with the eye and mind of love, compassion and understanding which allows you to receive the full message of the experience and the personal growth that came with it.  Reflect on your life with the same love and acceptance as the Divine Life Force.