Friday, May 24, 2013

Message from The Ancients

Our speech does not consist of the words used so frequently by your people. Our ways do not reflect the images of man. Our minds move far beyond the understanding of the present times on Earth. To hear the messages we send to you, it is to not stand in the mind, not too hear with the ears or to see through the eyes. To understand what we send, to feel the ultimate love we have for you, it is only to go to the heart. To open believe in....and live from....the heart. We sing your praises to you so that you may see the magnificence of who you are. We reflect back to you your brilliance. This brilliance that shines so brightly you close your eyes to it. We hold you in esteem and love......The Ancients

Friday, December 28, 2012

What role do I play?

In so many ways my life is no different than anyone else's.  Even though I have connected to my Ancient Self allowing me to bring in energy and messages that assist others in life transformation, I am still here living the human experience.  I wouldn't have it any other way.   Being a living example is what I am all about.

Many times my life experiences aide others in understanding and accepting themselves along with the lives they are creating.  The realization that someone who connects with their essence still has life events that pull at the human emotions causing challenges has brought to some a giant breath of relief.  Trying to live up to idols takes its toll on a person and the way they view who they are.  Over the years I have seen my humanness help others to accept that they too are more than just the physical life they are living at that very moment. 

Here is a recent life experience that I have been asked to share with others as an example of how our belief stops our creating a life that supports us in all ways.  After my husband died I began having issues with anything that dealt with the financial end of things.  Each step was a struggle.  I was in a deep grieving process with this only adding to it.  One morning I woke up at about 2 a.m. with these words being spoken to me:

"You know that there is nothing that is ever done to you.  You are participating at every moment in your life.  What role are you playing in this?" 

I was fully awake as these words ended.  I lay in my bed thinking about what I had heard.  It only took me a few moments to realize that I felt guilty for having any financial gain due to the loss of my husband.  Intellectually I could understand that we had put things into place for whoever was the surviving spouse to be supported on the financial level.  Yet, at the emotional level the logical, rational aspect of all of this was not relevant.  This is something that gets forgotten.  Our emotional body plays a much stronger role in our creating than our logical thoughts do.  What we "believe" at the deepest levels are what we create.

Today while on facebook I noticed a Gregg Braden video.  Of course it was reinforcing what I just wrote about.  What he is saying is something I and others have been sharing for many years.  I love that through my life experiences I can bring this same message to people in a way in which they can relate to it on the human level.  It is important to understand your inner workings and how they affect your outer world.  Words are not the creating force.  The energy of your emotions added to the words create.  If you really do not believe in what you are saying you will not create it.  For me that is the simplest way to say it. 

When I am leading a group in creating I will bring in words to create a new reality.  During this time I will ask people what they are feeling about the words that are being spoken.  If the words only feel like words to them, we stop and go in deeper to find what they truthfully feel.   This allows us to go to the core issues of the  person, process the inner belief, move beyond it, then enable the person to create with thier life force not the limitations of the mind. 

Starting today pay attention to the words you speak and the thoughts that go through your mind.  Are they coming from your knowing self or from the level of the mind that does not allow you to accept what is yours to create?  If this is the case go ahead and ask yourself "What is the role I am playing in this?"  Do not be afraid of the answer.  Once you allow yourself the answer you will find you have set yourself free to create with the abandon of the Child of the Universe that you are. 

This is a wonderful time that we are in.  Enjoy it to the fullest and know that you deserve the absolute best.  Only our fears have kept us from understanding that. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

A Message from Rob: I didn’t hold you enough.

Many of you know that my husband Rob crossed on Oct. 11th of this year.  In April two days after my birthday we received the news that Rob had stage IV colon cancer.  With posts on Facebook I shared our journey through this disease.  Many of you have thanked me for allowing you into such a personal experience.   With my work I have always felt it was necessary to connect the physical and the spiritual journeys.  To me they belong together not to be separated as they are one and the same.  We chose our physical lives to express, to experience and to evolve. 

Recently I spoke to a person that wondered if it was different for someone like me when a person they love crosses over.  I have to tell you….no it is not.  I grieve the same as anyone else the physical life that is no longer here with me.  I have a deep understanding and knowledge that life does not end when the physical body dies.  Yet, in my humanness I have the full awareness that the person I have loved and spent my life with for almost 20 years will not walk through our doorway and into our house again.  We will not share the Harley rides, the trips to the coast or for that matter any other physical event again.   Knowing this is the way it now is brings a sense of sadness and grief.

What may be different for me compared to other’s that aren’t as aware of life continuing on after the essence leaves the body is I feel and hear Rob often.  He sends me messages and assists me through my processing of his physical loss.  Two days ago I was laying on my couch with the emotions that come from grief engulfing me, as tears ran down my cheeks I felt Rob’s presence then heard these words:

 “I didn’t hold you enough”

“I didn’t kiss you enough”

“I didn’t look into your eyes enough”

He then showed me a series of images of him doing other things such as sitting at the computer looking for car or motorcycle parts.  Out in the garage puttering around.  Sitting together on the couch him being lost in thought with me but, not with me.  Speaking to others while I waited for him at home.  There were so many images of what felt important to him at the time yet, took him away from the expressions of love we share here on Earth.  As this message came through along with the images, I knew the same was true for me.   I didn’t take every opportunity possible to show the love I felt for him for many of the same reasons.  Life was happening creating the illusion that there were other things that were more important. 

This physical illusion many times distracts us from the truth of life.  What you own, what you do, where you go, how thin or pretty you are really is not what's important in living this life. Moving through the barriers that have shrouded mankind for far too long keeping each person from remembering to live from the heart, taking every opportunity to express the love that they feel openly, freely and often is the true importance of this life. 
If you have the urge to hug the people you love, do it.  If you have the urge to kiss those people, do it.  If you have the urge to look into their eyes, I will once again say, do it.  The moment to do it is now.   Much love to all of you.  I send you hugs, kisses and of course an intense look into your eyes, which hold the wisdom and beauty of the life you are.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Life's River

A vision came to me yesterday. I was standing on the bank of a river.   As I looked into the river I could see the various colors of the water as it flowed past. There were vivid shades of green, sparkling blues and the deepest of blacks.  In places so peaceful and clear I could see the bottom covered with small stones or the sandy bottom that shimmered as the light of the sun reached down touching it bringing the brilliance of each speck of sand to life. I looked out and saw the water creating lazily moving whirlpools and yet in other places currents pulling so strongly that rapids rushed by in what seemed to be a strength that one would become lost as the river moved past in its foaming torrents. My gaze was then pulled to stones placed securely across the water to the other side.

I saw myself stepping onto the first stone in the river, then the second and continuing on to others stones that were placed strategically across the water. As I would step onto the stones I would look down into the water. At times it was calm, peacefully moving past the stone I was on. Then I would be on another stone with the water rushing past and my footing on the stone would become unsteady. As I continued to step from stone to stone I would look into the water seeing the difference it created as it steadily flowed past.

Our life is like that river, serene at times, then seeming so strong that we are pulled down into the depths of the dark, swirling current that is filled with fear. With this current we may  become lost, seeming not to have the ability to create a movement to pull ourselves up and out of the circumstances we are experiencing.

The message of the vision was to see that no matter what the currents of our life's river is, there are always solid stones placed right there for us to step on. Stepping onto the stones, allowing the support to be there we can easily manage the currents in our lives.  Even in the areas of our lives that hold the strongest energies of fear, we are loved and supported.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Question: I say affirmations daily and nothing happens why is that?

Answer: Words alone cannot create, the energy in movement draws the outcome. If you cannot feel it, you cannot create it.  Another way to look at this is, what you "feel" the strongest carries a vibration that outweighs the affirmation.

Exercise: Give yourself more than just a moment to say your affirmation. As you say the words for the affirmation stop and "feel" each one of them. "Feel" any shift in your physical, mental and emotional body. Does the body tense as you say the words? If so, where does it tense? Do you hesitate over certain words? Is there an emotion that comes to you while saying the words. Paying attention to this allows you to understand where you hold resistance to the words you are putting forward. This resistance carries with it a strong vibrational frequency that can negate the words you are speaking.

Now, that you have done that it is time to "feel" the affirmation once again. This time as you state the affirmation ask what does it "feel" like to have what you put forward.

Example: "My body is now perfectly healthy" Notice I focus the words exactly on what it is I am seeing healthy. You may do the same affirmation with mental health and emotional health. It is time to ask yourself what does a perfectly healthy body "feel" like? Spend time "feeling" the body strong, vibrant and healthy. "Feel" with the mind the body's movement easy, pain free, flowing with life. "Feel and see" light in every cell of your body. In the mind’s eye "feel and see" all of the systems of the body clear and healthy. "Feel and see" what you would and could do with a perfectly healthy body. "See" this in your mind in action. If you have an injury to a part of your body visualize using this part of the body without pain. "Feel" yourself doing whatever the activity is.

Take moments throughout the day to "feel" what it is like to have what you put out into the Universe with your affirmation. As you do this you are creating. You continue to create an energy that resonates to the action you have stated in your affirmation. Do not give up if what you are creating does not happen immediately. It is important to remember there are old tapes and programs playing in the background of the mind that continue to create even when you are not aware of them. As you pay attention to the thoughts and feelings you have you will find these old tapes and programs. Don't banish them. Instead look into where it is they began. Dismantle them as you become aware they are teachings and trainings that have been passed down from generation to generation. Continue to allow yourself to "feel and see" what it is like to have what you have affirmed. Create with awareness and  purpose.  You hold all the answers at every moment.  Move through the illusion of fear allowing the life you deserve to be yours.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Truth of You

Written below is a message from the Ancients. With the many changes on Earth that are occurring people are searching desperately to find their point of Self. Moving into your mind, then allowing yourself to wander through the fear beliefs, old trainings and myths of life seeing them as only thought that has been built through lifetimes, passed from one person to another onward to generation after generation.

Freeing from these thoughts take you easily on your journey of awareness. What an adventure this is. Remembering you are a great and magnificent Creator allowing your life to change in amazing ways as you shift from the hold of old thoughts created out from mankind’s blindness of their magnificence, to thoughts of purpose and design.

There are times in which the human experience draws an individual into viewing the life of another raising to the surface unknown or unprocessed emotional debris. This debris may cause the individual to compare themselves to the other they are viewing feeling as if they are not enough. In this devaluing of the Self they hold the thought that what identifies the other may fit them as well. They will find as they stretch and pull this identity around themselves it does not fit. Why would that be? Because the individual is not being true to the essence of who they are. Always be the life that you have chosen to be not what you believe another is........The Ancients

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Importance of You

Throughout the years I have had many people come to me with confusion in their eyes.  They question the relevance of their presence here on Earth.  These people speak to me of their life purpose then go on to say they do not feel as if they are living it.  Never under estimate your importance.  It is not for all to stand out in front of large groups speaking or teaching the way of opening the heart and mind.  There are many that stand quietly on the sidelines appearing to live their life in a very ordinary way.  All the while they are in their life purpose doing what they came to do.   While raising families, going to work, doing what is felt to be the most mundane of daily task there is more going on. 

While living what appears to be an ordinary life the parent is teaching the child love, unity, tolerance, acceptance and patience.  When going to work, the grocery store or whatever the task at hand involves there are the moments a smile, kind word or the meeting of the eyes that acknowledges the stranger who walks by you.  This acknowledgment may be exactly what the person who is adrift needs to feel the importance their life holds.  There are the kind words, actions and deeds that are bestowed upon co-workers, friends and strangers touch much deeper than a person realizes.  One tender smile to the homeless person walking down the street can warm a heart along with bringing the message that no matter their circumstance they are cared about…that they are important.  Listening quietly while holding the space of love allows another to move through the upsets of their life bringing them the opportunity to find the gift that is hidden in what has appeared to be a hardship.   

There are so many ways in which the “ordinary” person is adding to the world.  Each life has a value that is beyond measure.  No matter where the person is standing, no matter what is being experienced it is chosen.  As people consciously hold the thoughts of love, harmony and balance they are sending an energy that touches life far beyond what they see around them.  They are holding an energy that allows others to feel past the fear of man that has held them blinded to the truth of life.  That truth is Love.  The truth is each life form is an aspect of the Divine Life Force,  a seed of light here to live in harmony. 

“As you look into the mirror Darling Ones, see the light that lives inside.  We see your light, we hold the truth of you openly here in our hearts for you to feel at any moment.  Lift your eyes and minds to the this truth.  Raise your thoughts above the density of fear that has encrusted the movement of man.  Sing your praises as they come from your heart.  These will be praises of love, praises of joy, praises of acknowledgment of all life.   Let these praises come directly from the heart sending the frequency of love out into your world for others to feel.   Thus allowing the embracing of life.  We hold you in our hearts of love Dearest Children of Earth.  We hold you as you move into your true awareness of the miracle of life you are”………..The Ancients

With this written I wish your days ahead to be filled with the sparkling light of Love.