Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Importance of You

Throughout the years I have had many people come to me with confusion in their eyes.  They question the relevance of their presence here on Earth.  These people speak to me of their life purpose then go on to say they do not feel as if they are living it.  Never under estimate your importance.  It is not for all to stand out in front of large groups speaking or teaching the way of opening the heart and mind.  There are many that stand quietly on the sidelines appearing to live their life in a very ordinary way.  All the while they are in their life purpose doing what they came to do.   While raising families, going to work, doing what is felt to be the most mundane of daily task there is more going on. 

While living what appears to be an ordinary life the parent is teaching the child love, unity, tolerance, acceptance and patience.  When going to work, the grocery store or whatever the task at hand involves there are the moments a smile, kind word or the meeting of the eyes that acknowledges the stranger who walks by you.  This acknowledgment may be exactly what the person who is adrift needs to feel the importance their life holds.  There are the kind words, actions and deeds that are bestowed upon co-workers, friends and strangers touch much deeper than a person realizes.  One tender smile to the homeless person walking down the street can warm a heart along with bringing the message that no matter their circumstance they are cared about…that they are important.  Listening quietly while holding the space of love allows another to move through the upsets of their life bringing them the opportunity to find the gift that is hidden in what has appeared to be a hardship.   

There are so many ways in which the “ordinary” person is adding to the world.  Each life has a value that is beyond measure.  No matter where the person is standing, no matter what is being experienced it is chosen.  As people consciously hold the thoughts of love, harmony and balance they are sending an energy that touches life far beyond what they see around them.  They are holding an energy that allows others to feel past the fear of man that has held them blinded to the truth of life.  That truth is Love.  The truth is each life form is an aspect of the Divine Life Force,  a seed of light here to live in harmony. 

“As you look into the mirror Darling Ones, see the light that lives inside.  We see your light, we hold the truth of you openly here in our hearts for you to feel at any moment.  Lift your eyes and minds to the this truth.  Raise your thoughts above the density of fear that has encrusted the movement of man.  Sing your praises as they come from your heart.  These will be praises of love, praises of joy, praises of acknowledgment of all life.   Let these praises come directly from the heart sending the frequency of love out into your world for others to feel.   Thus allowing the embracing of life.  We hold you in our hearts of love Dearest Children of Earth.  We hold you as you move into your true awareness of the miracle of life you are”………..The Ancients

With this written I wish your days ahead to be filled with the sparkling light of Love.

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