Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Life's River

A vision came to me yesterday. I was standing on the bank of a river.   As I looked into the river I could see the various colors of the water as it flowed past. There were vivid shades of green, sparkling blues and the deepest of blacks.  In places so peaceful and clear I could see the bottom covered with small stones or the sandy bottom that shimmered as the light of the sun reached down touching it bringing the brilliance of each speck of sand to life. I looked out and saw the water creating lazily moving whirlpools and yet in other places currents pulling so strongly that rapids rushed by in what seemed to be a strength that one would become lost as the river moved past in its foaming torrents. My gaze was then pulled to stones placed securely across the water to the other side.

I saw myself stepping onto the first stone in the river, then the second and continuing on to others stones that were placed strategically across the water. As I would step onto the stones I would look down into the water. At times it was calm, peacefully moving past the stone I was on. Then I would be on another stone with the water rushing past and my footing on the stone would become unsteady. As I continued to step from stone to stone I would look into the water seeing the difference it created as it steadily flowed past.

Our life is like that river, serene at times, then seeming so strong that we are pulled down into the depths of the dark, swirling current that is filled with fear. With this current we may  become lost, seeming not to have the ability to create a movement to pull ourselves up and out of the circumstances we are experiencing.

The message of the vision was to see that no matter what the currents of our life's river is, there are always solid stones placed right there for us to step on. Stepping onto the stones, allowing the support to be there we can easily manage the currents in our lives.  Even in the areas of our lives that hold the strongest energies of fear, we are loved and supported.