Sunday, May 29, 2011

You are the gift

A question that I am asked time and time again when speaking with people is, "What are my gifts."

The answer to that question is always the same.  "You are the gift. What you do are your abilities."

Every life no matter what form it takes is a gift.  Confusing what you do with the who you are is part of the overall training of mankind.  Mankind has forgotten that they are an aspect of the Divine Life Force.  As they have lived with the outward world of projection the inner world of Divine understanding has been held silent. 

It is asked at this time that the inner whispers of the voice that lives within you is now allowed to amplify so that you hear it on the level of physicality.  Allowing the awareness to penetrate your layers so that you may receive, understand and accept that it is never what you do that is the is always you who are the gift.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A little exercise in love and accepting

We all have experiences in our life that have not been pleasant.  Some of our experiences have been filled with so much pain we have splintered away from our center denying all aspects of the life we are.  We forget that we have chosen this life, the experiences and the people we co-create with.  When we are able to accept and fill with love even the most difficult life situations we are able to become whole again.  Here is an exercise to reclaim and love every aspect of you, your life and all involved.

Sit or stand comfortably.  Take deep breathes all the way into your center.  With each breath feel your body, your mind and your emotions calm.  When fully relaxed give persmission to yourself to bring up and observe an experience that has been uncomfortable and has caused you an emotional block. 

As you do this see the image of the experience with all players including yourself come up in your mind's eye and hold this image two feet our from your heart chakra.  See it in a sphere as if it is a movie that you are watching.  As you watch it observe the circumstances as completely as you can. 

As you have the experience acting out in front of you feel the emotion of the situation come to you.  Do not become so entangeled in the emotion that you are distracted from the observation point yet, it is important to call the emotion up to the conscious level.  Observe the emotion the same as you have the vision of the experience. 

As you watch and feel all that is necessary for you, continue to breath in calm life breathes knowing that you are supported at every moment.  Do not attach any form of judgment or critisism to who and what you are viewing.  Allow a feeling of nuetrality to prevail.

As you watch and feel from the point of the observer see golden light enter the sphere filling completely the situation and all of the participants.  As the golden light beams inside the sphere see that it carries the vibration of complete love.  Watch as this golden light sparkles as it enters everyone one in the sphere. 

Continue to hold the understanding as you see this light that it is the purest of all love.  With this thought see it penetrate all barriers that have been erected freeing each participant from the old patterns and beliefs.  Continue to breath, seeing the light and love until you feel a sense of peace replace the old emotion that had been surrounding the event.

As the sphere sparkles with the golden light and love bring to your conscious thoughts that all life situations have been chosen for a purpose that serves the highest good for you and and all involved.  As you do this see the sphere of golden light and love move towards you.  With only love feel your heart chackra as it pulls ever so gently the sphere inside of it.  As the sphere enters your heart you feel only love and acceptance.

Continue to breath in the life breath as you feel the aspect of yourself that had splintered off due to this situation move towards your center and firmly connect again.  Take the time to feel the connection of this self loving it completely.  Allow the emotions to be as they are to be. 

When feeling as if you are fully connected allow yourself to come back to this time and to this place knowing that you have moved through the process that has brought you more of the knowledge of your perfection and the perfection of all life.

Copyright ©cherrydivine 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Put it out there and let it happen

Here I am sitting in our motorhome on the Oregon coast.  It has been (and still is) a beautiful day with temperatures hovering around 70 degrees for most of the day.  Clear blue skies and a beautiful ocean views.  A fun filled, stress free puttering down the highway kind of day.  Stopping when we wanted to and staying in nice little parks with character and great views.  Boy, I am loving it!

When I mentioned the trip last week to a few people their response was, "The weather is awful and supposed to stay that way. What will you do there if all it does is rain."  "It is so cold and the coast is going to be even worse."  And it continued in that theme.  Each time I would shake my head and say, "It is going to be great and the weather will be perfect.  I know it will be a wonderful trip." 

I did have a feeling that the weather would be terrific and I was right. When thinking about the trip I put it out there to have clear skies and great weather.  Why not?  We create with our thoughts and our words.  Of course our belief systems and actions play a part in all of this too but, why would I want to head out anywhere with the idea that it may be miserable and uncomfortable?  Why not put it out there the way I would like it to be and let the Universe, Spirit or any name you choose to use to describe the Source of Life to send it to me in a way that is absolutely fun and wonderful? 

I have seen more than once a person (including myself) setting themselves up for a completely uncomfortable situation.  In their mind the scenerio is dire, their words and actions confirm this.  They talk to others that will add energy to what they are saying and by golly it all goes to Hell in a handbasket.

Next time you are getting ready to do something put it out there the way you want it to be.  Take the time to enjoy the moment you are in while setting it up in the way you would like it.  It doesn't have to be completely detailed in your thoughts yet, let it have some substance as you put your order out there to be filled.  Add the boost of positive energy to what it is that you are setting up.  Let it come back to you in a way that is more than you had expected.  Then receive and enjoy.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Embrace every moment. Feel each cell come alive waking you to the knowledge you created these moments. Fabulous Creators you are!

I feel the life in this day.  Not that I don't other days, I always do.  Yet, the sun is shining, the grass is sparkling with dew, the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming and I am loving my reaction and interaction with it all.  What a pleasure this first day of May is.