Monday, May 16, 2011

Put it out there and let it happen

Here I am sitting in our motorhome on the Oregon coast.  It has been (and still is) a beautiful day with temperatures hovering around 70 degrees for most of the day.  Clear blue skies and a beautiful ocean views.  A fun filled, stress free puttering down the highway kind of day.  Stopping when we wanted to and staying in nice little parks with character and great views.  Boy, I am loving it!

When I mentioned the trip last week to a few people their response was, "The weather is awful and supposed to stay that way. What will you do there if all it does is rain."  "It is so cold and the coast is going to be even worse."  And it continued in that theme.  Each time I would shake my head and say, "It is going to be great and the weather will be perfect.  I know it will be a wonderful trip." 

I did have a feeling that the weather would be terrific and I was right. When thinking about the trip I put it out there to have clear skies and great weather.  Why not?  We create with our thoughts and our words.  Of course our belief systems and actions play a part in all of this too but, why would I want to head out anywhere with the idea that it may be miserable and uncomfortable?  Why not put it out there the way I would like it to be and let the Universe, Spirit or any name you choose to use to describe the Source of Life to send it to me in a way that is absolutely fun and wonderful? 

I have seen more than once a person (including myself) setting themselves up for a completely uncomfortable situation.  In their mind the scenerio is dire, their words and actions confirm this.  They talk to others that will add energy to what they are saying and by golly it all goes to Hell in a handbasket.

Next time you are getting ready to do something put it out there the way you want it to be.  Take the time to enjoy the moment you are in while setting it up in the way you would like it.  It doesn't have to be completely detailed in your thoughts yet, let it have some substance as you put your order out there to be filled.  Add the boost of positive energy to what it is that you are setting up.  Let it come back to you in a way that is more than you had expected.  Then receive and enjoy.


  1. I have spent some time in the past couple of months taking this advice to heart... creating my vision for what makes me happy, deciding that I deserved happiness, and was ready to take my manifesting to the next level. I recognize that I have been full of gratitude for the abundance I have. Somehow, this positive energy goes OUT THERE. And SURPRISE! Yes, I did indeed receive SO MUCH MORE than I expected in a magical, mystical way. So, I enjoy the blissful, peaceful moments, in even more gratitude.

  2. Not remembering that we are great creators there are times we fall back into old patterns of creating from habit and old patterns. Keeping it in our mind that we are sending out energy, messages and signals at all times drawing to us our life situations benefits us so much.

    Keeping in mind that Source is unlimited love, allows us to receive the amazing gifts that are sent to us in ways that are so much more than we dreamt of for ourselves.

  3. I pre-paved incredible weather in the month of November for our trip to Spain and Italy. In 17 days we saw only 2 days of rain. My brother-in-law, whom we visited w/in Italy commented that the weather had been horrible (including flooding in Venice), but that wherever we visited, the weather turned to Spring the day of or the day before we visited. "I did that!" I thought to myself. That trip really fueled my growth in my own creative power.

  4. That is wonderful. Continue to "create" what it is you want in your life.