Thursday, November 17, 2011

For Margie

Today I received an e-mail from a very dear friend of mine.  The e-mail was to share the information of  the loss of her beloved grandson who died in a car accident early this month.  The words she wrote touched me at the deepest levels.  Through her grief she sent the message out to those that she knew to remember the importance of family and friends.  Margie, I am sorry for you and your families loss. 

Many people become distracted by the outside influences of worn out messages that their happiness, success and self-worth depend on what they do and what they have.  Many times in the pursuit of this so called "success" people shut down to what is truly important.  In the striving to gain the next step in the career, the next material item, or the next recognition brings with it the setting aside for later the most important factor of life.  That factor is all of those the person loves. 

Many times people tell themselves that when they reach that all important next step or thing they'll have the time then to spend with the people they have set aside.  That next step or thing only leads to the next step and the next material item.  When the person stops and listens for one moment to their heart they will hear the messages that have lived there all along.  The first message is, you cannot regain the moments lost with a person.  Even with all that we are aware of there is no going back for a do over with the person or people that were set aside.  With this messages comes another message.  You may not have the opportunity for a next moment with a person.  One moment they may be there and the next moment they may be gone forever from this physical world.

We have stepped into a new time.  A time when many are remembering the importance of mankind's ability to love and connect at the heart level.  To reach out from one to another and speak the words and show the actions of loving beyond the material world.  Looking past any and all items the person may or may not have, seeing the beauty of the person.  In many cases opening the doorways for others to see the beauty and truth that has always been who they are. 

Today and everyday take the time to share your life with those you love.  Open your hearts to the fullest allowing each person you know and those that you do not know at this time to feel the love you have for them.  It only takes a minute to share a smile, a hug, a compliment, compassion, or words of support and love. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The message is sent

While in a discussion with a friend, she told me she saw me talking with groups of people in prisons.  This same information  came to me years ago and felt as if would be something I would do even though it had not manifested in the physical yet.

As she finished her statement I began to speak.  The words that I spoke brought  information that even as we stood talking in the room the messages were already being sent.  That as the words formed, the energy was in force and moving through the bars of the prison cells or the prisons created by the mind reaching in and touching the people it was meant to touch.  In that very moment the message was received and a life was transformed.  I did not have to be present to witness, only to be aware and know what it was I had chosen to send.

As the words continued to flow through me bringing the information, visions moved in my mind showing an image of a woman with dark hair laying on the bed in her cell.  I saw the words enter her space of awareness and the transformation as the energetic connection was made.  Her eyes had been dull and blank....hopeless.  As the energy touched her they sparked coming alive.  I saw her walk out of the prison filled with a passion to live.

What is a prayer but a thought filled with the energy of love sent out to be carried through the currents of life.  It is the same with all of the words and thoughts that we have.  This is true for everyone.  We are always tranmitting energetic messages.  We can singularly or in groups send messages of love, support, hope, compassion, understanding, forgiveness and on and on and on changing our world. 

The woman that I was having the conversation (DJ) with facilitates a wonderful class called Connection in Motion.  A movement of sacred energy.  I love participating in this class and other events such as this.  I know that the energy of love that is created in that space goes out and touches our worlds. 

So, my friends lets create a new world, the true world with thoughts and actions of love.  You will not forget you are in the human experience which at times will bring those moments of questioning.  Yet, the understanding that the energy of light and love carries is stronger than the energy of fear...........Many Blessings.........Cherry

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Over the last 4 months communications have been coming in.  These communications have turned themselves into a nice little book which is filled not only with words, the pages are filled with an energy that touches everyone that has picked up the material to read.

I am extremely excited about these writings and I know they will go out into the world.  What I don't know is how this will come about.  Which of course is just fine.  I know when the time is right they will draw in whatever is needed to get r done.  (O.K. I couldn't resist a touch of humor there)

Yesterday I hooked up the camera and made a new you tube video.  Of course it contained information that was channeled (communicated) in.  As the words came in a theme presented itself.  The theme was you deserve to not only create your dream, you also deserve to bring it into the physical and live it.

With the words moving through my mind and body and with the writings bringing so much excitedment to the surface I found myself on the internet looking into everything that I was doing to get the writings out there.  I also looked at a whole lot of material that gave the information as to what it is you need to do to get the writings out and about.  Wow!  So much of the material I read conveyed the message that most writings will never make book form and if they do they will only sit and gather dust.  The naysayers were present all through the internet pages that I was drawn to read.   

There is a very stringent format that is to be followed to get material to the people who are well known in the business and most are not going to be bothered with an unknown writer or an unknown literary agent.  OMG!  The limits presented through the material I read are enough to turn the most excited writer around with their head down and tail tucked between their legs and their dream breaking to tiny bits around them. 

This is only one example of how we have limited ourselves and our dreams.  Setting about perceptions that all must follow a certain path that is decided by a select group.  When it comes to creating your dreams it is to hold the idea in your heart and thoughts seeing the beauty of it, seeing the merit of it and of course seeing all that your delightful essence has brought to it.  Then allowing a new way to come in that opens the door for it to be presented outward in all of it's brilliance. 

Dreams are meant to be created and lived.  The energy in our new world brings us the information that we have the ability to create anything that we choose.  Creating with energy that comes from the heart  touched with the passion of belief that you deserve allows the dreams to manifest in the most amazing ways that step past all the naysayers.  Much Love to all of you........Cherry

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quiet Time

My mind has been relatively quiet which has kept my fingers from reaching out to the keyboard as reflections of my life pass through for my observation, consideration, understanding, acceptance and love.  We are in a space that says "It's time to love all of you and all of your life, not just the parts that you find acceptable."  

Yes, the times we are in remind us that each step of our life has been and is important.  We have chosen these times to come to the understanding that even in the idea of imperfection is perfection.  As we initiate each step in the process of our life we intermingle with others and they with us.  In this intermingling, information comes in the connections and reflections of life we share with each other.  Each connection no matter how long or how short it is brings a communication that has the purpose of bringing to us an awareness of life beyond this life and awareness of the movement of our soul. 

When images of your life experiences come to you watch with the eye and mind of love, compassion and understanding which allows you to receive the full message of the experience and the personal growth that came with it.  Reflect on your life with the same love and acceptance as the Divine Life Force.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

You are the gift

A question that I am asked time and time again when speaking with people is, "What are my gifts."

The answer to that question is always the same.  "You are the gift. What you do are your abilities."

Every life no matter what form it takes is a gift.  Confusing what you do with the who you are is part of the overall training of mankind.  Mankind has forgotten that they are an aspect of the Divine Life Force.  As they have lived with the outward world of projection the inner world of Divine understanding has been held silent. 

It is asked at this time that the inner whispers of the voice that lives within you is now allowed to amplify so that you hear it on the level of physicality.  Allowing the awareness to penetrate your layers so that you may receive, understand and accept that it is never what you do that is the is always you who are the gift.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A little exercise in love and accepting

We all have experiences in our life that have not been pleasant.  Some of our experiences have been filled with so much pain we have splintered away from our center denying all aspects of the life we are.  We forget that we have chosen this life, the experiences and the people we co-create with.  When we are able to accept and fill with love even the most difficult life situations we are able to become whole again.  Here is an exercise to reclaim and love every aspect of you, your life and all involved.

Sit or stand comfortably.  Take deep breathes all the way into your center.  With each breath feel your body, your mind and your emotions calm.  When fully relaxed give persmission to yourself to bring up and observe an experience that has been uncomfortable and has caused you an emotional block. 

As you do this see the image of the experience with all players including yourself come up in your mind's eye and hold this image two feet our from your heart chakra.  See it in a sphere as if it is a movie that you are watching.  As you watch it observe the circumstances as completely as you can. 

As you have the experience acting out in front of you feel the emotion of the situation come to you.  Do not become so entangeled in the emotion that you are distracted from the observation point yet, it is important to call the emotion up to the conscious level.  Observe the emotion the same as you have the vision of the experience. 

As you watch and feel all that is necessary for you, continue to breath in calm life breathes knowing that you are supported at every moment.  Do not attach any form of judgment or critisism to who and what you are viewing.  Allow a feeling of nuetrality to prevail.

As you watch and feel from the point of the observer see golden light enter the sphere filling completely the situation and all of the participants.  As the golden light beams inside the sphere see that it carries the vibration of complete love.  Watch as this golden light sparkles as it enters everyone one in the sphere. 

Continue to hold the understanding as you see this light that it is the purest of all love.  With this thought see it penetrate all barriers that have been erected freeing each participant from the old patterns and beliefs.  Continue to breath, seeing the light and love until you feel a sense of peace replace the old emotion that had been surrounding the event.

As the sphere sparkles with the golden light and love bring to your conscious thoughts that all life situations have been chosen for a purpose that serves the highest good for you and and all involved.  As you do this see the sphere of golden light and love move towards you.  With only love feel your heart chackra as it pulls ever so gently the sphere inside of it.  As the sphere enters your heart you feel only love and acceptance.

Continue to breath in the life breath as you feel the aspect of yourself that had splintered off due to this situation move towards your center and firmly connect again.  Take the time to feel the connection of this self loving it completely.  Allow the emotions to be as they are to be. 

When feeling as if you are fully connected allow yourself to come back to this time and to this place knowing that you have moved through the process that has brought you more of the knowledge of your perfection and the perfection of all life.

Copyright ©cherrydivine 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Put it out there and let it happen

Here I am sitting in our motorhome on the Oregon coast.  It has been (and still is) a beautiful day with temperatures hovering around 70 degrees for most of the day.  Clear blue skies and a beautiful ocean views.  A fun filled, stress free puttering down the highway kind of day.  Stopping when we wanted to and staying in nice little parks with character and great views.  Boy, I am loving it!

When I mentioned the trip last week to a few people their response was, "The weather is awful and supposed to stay that way. What will you do there if all it does is rain."  "It is so cold and the coast is going to be even worse."  And it continued in that theme.  Each time I would shake my head and say, "It is going to be great and the weather will be perfect.  I know it will be a wonderful trip." 

I did have a feeling that the weather would be terrific and I was right. When thinking about the trip I put it out there to have clear skies and great weather.  Why not?  We create with our thoughts and our words.  Of course our belief systems and actions play a part in all of this too but, why would I want to head out anywhere with the idea that it may be miserable and uncomfortable?  Why not put it out there the way I would like it to be and let the Universe, Spirit or any name you choose to use to describe the Source of Life to send it to me in a way that is absolutely fun and wonderful? 

I have seen more than once a person (including myself) setting themselves up for a completely uncomfortable situation.  In their mind the scenerio is dire, their words and actions confirm this.  They talk to others that will add energy to what they are saying and by golly it all goes to Hell in a handbasket.

Next time you are getting ready to do something put it out there the way you want it to be.  Take the time to enjoy the moment you are in while setting it up in the way you would like it.  It doesn't have to be completely detailed in your thoughts yet, let it have some substance as you put your order out there to be filled.  Add the boost of positive energy to what it is that you are setting up.  Let it come back to you in a way that is more than you had expected.  Then receive and enjoy.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Embrace every moment. Feel each cell come alive waking you to the knowledge you created these moments. Fabulous Creators you are!

I feel the life in this day.  Not that I don't other days, I always do.  Yet, the sun is shining, the grass is sparkling with dew, the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming and I am loving my reaction and interaction with it all.  What a pleasure this first day of May is.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Secrets of Your Soul

You will not find the secrets of your soul as you listen to the thoughts that filter through your mind.  Let them grow quiet and still.  Shhhhh....listen.....the voice of your heart is quietly whispering to you the secrets you have waited to hear.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Create with Love

Your thoughts, actions and words create. Do they support the world you wish to live in? Or the world you fear will be?

Today silence the mind, listening instead to what the heart has to say.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


In this wonderful and extraordinary time that is upon you there are many people feeling confused and at a loss. The direction their life had been going, where they believed they were meant to be has changed. For some this change has left a feeling of being adrift moving without direction. We are here to tell you this is a great time. A time in which you are meant to let go with the mind allowing the self to be guided by the heart. Dearest Children of Earth, you are not adrift nor are you without direction. You are feeling the shift that is necessary that moves through the layers of you reaching deep within your cells, opening you to the knowledge of the truest form of who you are. Each step in your process has been in Divine Order and remains so. As you relax the mind freeing yourself up to feel the fullness of the life that is in store for you a new sense of purpose along with a new sense of self comes. We ask that you close the mind to the fear thoughts as they enter reaching out with your heart trusting that the Divine Source of all Life is there with you never once having left you alone and unattended.

Dearest Ones take deep breathes of joy as you feel this new pull of energy that is with you. Open your eyes to the miracle of life that is before you. Free yourself Dearest Ones from the attachment to the physical for just moments at a time. This allows you to stop unnecessary movement that distracts you. With this distraction gone you feel the music of life that has lived within you for all time. We use the term “music” to bring you a great understanding of the vessel of energy you are. All of life is energy in movement that ebbs and flows perfectly in tune with the energetic movement that dances throughout all worlds in Divine balance.

As planet Earth purges old residual energy which causes great shifts in the land masses and waterways that you are familiar with, we assure you we are here. We speak to you in voices of love as you move through the changes of this life that appears to be filled with turbulence that keeps you unsure of the steps that you are to take next. We tell you that the information you are seeking is yours to have. No longer reaching outside of the Self instead reaching deep within the information comes restoring balance to all that you do. This is a time you agreed to come. You agreed to be a source of influence in the re-establishing harmony on Earth once more. Again Dearest Ones, we ask you to silence the mind, open the heart and trust. We love and adore you in this magnificent life that you have undertaken. We hold you in our hearts supporting all that you do. Call to us as we are here……….The Ancients

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Complicating the Simple

Many years ago I was told that I would write a book.  Not once had I ever considered myself to be a writer.  Yet, when this information came to me it felt right.  I immediately shared the information with a good friend of mine.  Her response was "What are you going to write inspirational messages and affirmations?"  I recoiled from that idea as quickly as she put it out there.  This did not appeal to me at all. My thought was that if I was to write it would be of substance carrying a profound message.  I thought of all of the serious works that I had read over the years that really touched me and knew that is what I was to write.  Yeah you got it.  Just a little full of myself wasn't I? 

So, as time went by I would sit and write what I thought would be a profound message full of inspiration.  Leave it to me to make it really hard.  Several ideas came and writings began as I worked to fulfill this prophecy that had been handed to me.  None of the writings would ever finish themselves and they sit about in file folders in my computer.  Through all of these serious writings  I had assigned myself inspirational messages and affirmation continued to come to me.  I posted them on the web, sent them out in e-mails, collected them in various files until one day  the thought came to me....."She was right!  This is what I am to write."

Many times we receive information that can easily take us to where it is that we are meant to go and to what fits us the very best.  Yet, through our conditioning we do not let ourselves accept the information which easily moves us in the direction that is in our highest good.  Instead we hold it in our mind mulling it over complicating the simple.

Today the simplicity of it all came to me.  I am doing what I was told I would do which is write.  It hasn't made it to book form yet but, it feels to me that wasn't the main objective of my writing.  If my words touch one person and help transform a life in a positive way that is fantastic.  I have accomplished the purpose of the writings.  It really doesn't have to be hard work to be good.  When it comes from the heart it reaches all of those it is meant to reach touching them at their deepest levels. 

It's time to look at what you have set before yourself and ask questions.  "Am I complicating what could be very simple?"  Let go of the idea it has to be a hard and a lot of work to be good. You are not here to do what someone else has done or is doing.  You are here to do what is yours to do.  This will carry your imprint out into the world in a way that reflects the genuine you.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


For me March was a month of changes and detoxification at a cellular level.  I spent a good portion of the first 3 weeks with one form of the flu or another.  During the last week of March I lost my beloved dog Boomer.  He touched not only my heart but, the hearts of everyone that came into contact with him.

April has been a month of beginings.  I have been drawn to the new and back to the old.  By that I mean starting April 14th I will be joining a wonderful group of people at Journeys in Salem offer my services.  Now, as for back to the old.  I am returning once a week to Mystic Mountain in Corvallis Or. on Mondays.  Mystic is a by appointment only schedule that allows me to re-connect with people I haven't see for a long time and that I have missed very much.  These two days out of my home are perfect for me.  I am busy, busy, busy the rest of the week with my many clients from all over the world.  Not to mention my family, friends and life in general. 

Life is ever changing.  Being present for all of the experiences that come to us allows us to fully participate in our chosen life.  Not all of it is comfortable.  Some of it being downright sad and distressful yet, each experience enrichesses us.  The uncomfortable moments of our lives brings a stronger appreciation for the moments of love and joy as they present themselves.

What have these last two months brought you?  Beginnings?  Endings? Changes or just moving with the flow of life at a wonderful liesurely pace without any momentus events.  No is all still life at it's best.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The new day

I have experienced in the past, it has helped me form a new today.  I do not hold myself in the past instead the information that I have gained from my experiences helps me create in a new way and enjoy this new day. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Words for Creating

I work within the process of power.  This is not a power that reaches to control or manipulate any other being for the purpose of my ego.  This is the power that has always lived within me that has the ability to create the life in which I choose to live.  As I perceive I create.  As I understand I create.  I move to the area that lives within me that creates only with the energy of love, clearing my pathway of all obstacles that have prevented me from viewing life with love and clarity.  I see with new eyes.  I feel with new feelings.  I understand with my higher mind.  I AM!
Copyright ©cherrydivine 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

Computer Challenges=Changing My Perspective

This is legnthy but, it may make you feel better about your latest experiences in life.  I know it made me feel better just writing it.

Let me tell you about my experiences in the last two weeks with my computer.  Or should I say my computers?  I had a computer that was approximately 8 years old.  Over the years it has had to be worked on for various reasons.  The first time this happened I went into a panic as I thought I had lost everything on it.  Thank goodness for a wonderful friend that was able to get all the information out of my hard drive including the e-mail addresses for my family, friends and clients.  This taught me to find a back up for these precious things.  BTW, there is a reason I mention this now.

At the end of this last year I had been pondering upgrading to Windows 7, getting a monitor with a camera in it as I am in the process of learning how to use Skype to do webinars and  updating my client address book.  Over the years people have come and gone, changed addresses or even e-mailed me from several addresses and all have been kept on my wonderful contact list and back-up.  (Yes, my address book is mentioned again)  There were a few other things that I had been considering too  and one of them was more ram as my computer required it for Windows 7 to operate in it.

I had discussed this with my husband who happened to have the ram I needed for my computer.  He was going to use it in his but, being the really nice guy that he is, he let me have it.  I had something or other to do and was away for a bit while he began the installation of the ram.  When I finished what I was doing I came in to see how everything was going.  I knew the instant I saw him that it wasn't going well.  The old computer not only rejected the ram, it no longer wanted to work.  He was beside himself sure that I would be upset as I use my computer daily to communicate with my clients.

Instead of upset, I decided that was the Universe saying "step into the new" and get a new computer.  My goodness!  With all of this high energy of 2011 and the fact that what I had been considering would cost just about as much as a new computer, I thought what the heck, I would just forget the upgrades and get a new one.  So, off to the store we went, picked up a new one and I happily went home to get it going and begin using it.  I was excited!!!!

So, the new computer was set up and I began inputting all of my information into it when I realized it didn't have the Outlook program I used.  Being on my e-mail a lot I like having it right on my desktop and one click away from being opened.  So, I found a great free desktop e-mail program (Windows Live) and installed it.  I then began the process of trying to import my HUNDREDS of client e-mail addresses into it.  O.K. soon you will understand why I mentioned my e-mail address book as I did. The back-ups wouldn't import into the program. No matter what I tried or how I cried it just wouldn't work!

I decided this may be the Universes way to get me to update my address book.  This made perfect sense as the address book as I said earlier was out dated.  I then went to my online e-mail and sent everyone an e-mail requesting they update their information if they wanted to remain on my list.  The e-mails flowed in one right after the other.  It made my heart feel good that there were so many positive responses.  HUNDREDS of them for that matter.

A week and a half went by and I was in love with my new computer.  I had spent hours manually inputting all of those HUNDREDS of e-mail addresses (not to mention all of the programs I use).  When the darn thing quit working.  It would no longer let me go between the partitions for the users on the computer.  Especially the main partition which is my work area.  I couldn't believe it!!!!  What the heck!!!????  I tried to get ahold of the manufacturer but the thought began running through my mind "It's an electronic item.  If it is bad now don't keep it or you'll really be sorry after the warrenty is up."  So, I loaded that pup up and hauled it back to the store.  Where I picked up a new one.  Not only a new one but, an upgrade of what I had originally  purchased.

After coming home I went off  to work with a client and my husband began setting up the new computer.  The  excitement was missing this time and when I came out and looked at the computer it was with an air of resignation as I sat down and began the process I had just done not that long ago all over again.  And to answer your question, "No, I had not backed up my address book prior to this happening."  I hadn't gotten that far.

I went to bed that night with a headache due to eyestrain and tension knots the size of golf balls in my shoulder blades.  I got up the next morning refreshed and ready to tackle the new computer.  My frame of mind was back to it's usual there's a reason for everything space.  I sat down at the new computer and began my work.  I had been there about a half an hour when the computer began doing the same thing the other computer had.  I couldn't believe it!  Was the God of electronics mad at me?  Did I forget to throw him some kind of offering and now he was getting even?  I couldn't stand the idea of unhooking everything and carting it back to the store and in the back of my mind I couldn't help but wonder if it was operator error on my part.  I grabbed the phone and called the company and this time I was in luck.....I got a computer tech.

On the phone it was determined that I had to do a complete factory re-install.  My mind froze when I was told this.  What about the addresses I had got in?  What about the programs I had spent hours or at least what felt like hours installing.  Thank goodness for technology or at least some of it.  The tech was able to work from where he was and save the addresses that I had been able to input.  Not so with the rest.  This was decided after being on the phone with him for over TWO HOURS.  He hung up while the computer began it's process saying he would call me back in half an hour.  I took that time to rush in brush my teeth, shower and try to get ready for the day.

The half hour came and left.  The computer was back to factory settings.  I thought why wait and began to go through the start up process.  As I began there seemed to be an issue.  It seemed that the programs weren't loading very well.  I wasn't sure if it was me that was fried and the computer was fine so I continued.  As the time went by it became apparent that the computer was not all right.  It began refusing to load it's own programs.  I dreaded it but, I knew what had to be done.  I got the box out and began uplugging cords when the phone rang.  It was the tech.  He apologized for not calling sooner. 

With tears in my eyes and a feeling of defeat I told him I was taking the computer back.  He began to try to talk me out of this, he could help me he was sure.  I told him it was no use, he asked me to hold on the phone and he was such a nice man I did.  I figured he was off to talk to his manager to try to get me to keep the monster that was on my desk with it's screen of darkness waiting for me to walk to it and grab it's skinny base with both of my hands carried away there.  My tired mind finally registered I had been on hold almost 15 minutes.  The guy was nice but, what the heck was I doing?  I hung the phone up and began the process.

Shall I tell you now that my husband unloaded the first and second computer from the car?  He also reloaded the second computer into the car and I had help getting it out of the car at the store and then a nice clerk loaded the new computer into my car after I purchased it.  They did this because the computer boxes are heavy and cumbersome.  Let me tell you I needed no help this time.  I boxed, loaded and unloaded the computer I was returning.  I picked out a new computer, put it into the cart, wheeled it out to the car, put it into the trunk, got it home, got it out of the trunk, hauled that baby up the stairs to my front door and deposited it into the house.  I did all of this with super human stregnth.

As I stood readying myself to install the new computer I was toying with the idea that I could get it all done and my husband would never know I had exchanged the second one.  Why that thought crossed my mind is beyond me.  Or maybe not.  Very likely an old emotional response from days gone by.  As quickly as that first thought came to me something else happened.  Suddenly a wave of peace came over me.  My mind began to calm as a voice floated through my mind reminding me that life is good.  That all things have a purpose.  I consciously chose to listen to that wise voice as I looked at my computer desk and then over to the box on the floor.  I was filled with energy.  The energy could be used wisely and so, I began clearing the desk, pulled it out from the wall and cleaned away all old cables and dust that had accumulated as they so often do when you have any type of electronics.  My energy was now re-focused in a positive way and things were getting done.  The desk and cables were not done when my husband installed the other computers.  His focus was getting the computer going hoping to make my day better.

I stopped when the phone rang answering it to hear my husbands voice on the line.  He asked how things were.  I replied sweetly "fine".  He did not believe me.  He said he could tell by the tone in my voice something was going on.  That I wasn't telling him everything.  Hmmmm.  Looks like he may know me a bit.  So, I told him what my day had been like.  He wasn't convinced I was fine and questioned coming home.

That was yesterday.  I got up today with curiosity over the new computer.  Would it do what the other two had done.  When this thought went through my mind I felt resentment and hostility begin.  I stopped those thoughts short.  Not the way I want to start my day.  Then I laughed at myself.  That felt better. 

I decided to look at this all from a different perspective. Looking at it from a different perspective is an eye opener.  What is that perspective you ask?  It is this....My computer goes bad, I can afford a new one. For that matter it is a blessing that I could afford one in the first place.  I can get in my car, drive to where I want to go.  My body functions fully.  I am capapble of walking to what I need, lift and carry it.  My mind works and I can figure things out.  I  live in a great home in which I have electricity that not only runs my computer it runs all of the other gadgets I have in my house.  I have a wonderful husband that loves me and is willing to stop what he is doing to help me out.  And the list of positives goes on and on. 

There are people all over the world having difficulties that I have never had to deal with.  No homes, no food, poor health, disease and so on.  Today I talked to my daughter on the phone to hear she switched shifts with her 24 year old co-worker so that this girl could go to the viewing of her friend that fell asleep at the wheel and died in a car accident this last week.  Puts a whole new slant on things.  If this is the worst thing I have to deal with then I am not doing so bad at all.

Monday, January 17, 2011


I have had a personal facebook page for many years.  I finally decided it was time to start a facebook page for Cherry Divine.  We can not only meet here to share ideas, we can also meet there.  Please feel free to look me up.  Many Blessings......Cherry

Friday, January 7, 2011


I looked in the mirror today and saw something beautiful..........ME!

As you look at your reflection no matter where or when you see it, behold and claim the beauty that gazes back at you.


Thursday, January 6, 2011


I like many people understand that all things are energy and energy is in constant motion.  That energy is in levels of frequency with love being the highest frequency there is. 

On Tuesday (Jan.4th, 2011) a friend and I went to see Braco the gazing healer.  What a lovely experience that was.  This amazing man stood before a room filled with approximately 500 people fully open to his Christ energy allowing his gaze to carry that energy out into the room for any who chose to receive it.  As he did this, I felt was an instant mass opening of heart chakras filling the room with a love and peace that can only come from the heart. 

As I stood in this room filled with this exalted energy tears came to my eyes it felt so lovely.  Did I feel a healing within me?  All that I can tell you is that I felt complete love of all of life throughout the gaze.  I am a believer that love heals all.  As it enters our cells and moves deep into each cell this energy brings light to the darkness that has been held in the cellular structure through lifetimes.

Later as I sat in a restaurant waiting for my lunch I noticed I felt energy surrounding and filling each organ in my body.  By that I mean, I could feel each individual organ with an energy around it seperatly yet, all at once.  My friend who had gone with me to the gazing became icy cold.  I told her that I believed that Braco was gazing again.  I looked at the clock on my cell phone and saw that it was exactly one hour after we had participated in his gaze.  That was when I felt the energy of healing. 

We are all beings of energy.  We all may send the energy of love and healing out as we reach inside opening our hearts sending this energy out for all of life to receive.  As we remember that we are all beings of the Divine Life Force with love being the truth of all Life we raise the vibrations on Earth enabling ourselves to experience what many call Heaven on Earth. As you live in the energy that comes from your  heart you live honoring and loving the Self and all of life, healing through the layers of life that has been lived.

And now.... I want to add a link to the latest You Tube video that I made with two of my lovely friends.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.  Much love to all of you..........Cherry