Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Complicating the Simple

Many years ago I was told that I would write a book.  Not once had I ever considered myself to be a writer.  Yet, when this information came to me it felt right.  I immediately shared the information with a good friend of mine.  Her response was "What are you going to write inspirational messages and affirmations?"  I recoiled from that idea as quickly as she put it out there.  This did not appeal to me at all. My thought was that if I was to write it would be of substance carrying a profound message.  I thought of all of the serious works that I had read over the years that really touched me and knew that is what I was to write.  Yeah you got it.  Just a little full of myself wasn't I? 

So, as time went by I would sit and write what I thought would be a profound message full of inspiration.  Leave it to me to make it really hard.  Several ideas came and writings began as I worked to fulfill this prophecy that had been handed to me.  None of the writings would ever finish themselves and they sit about in file folders in my computer.  Through all of these serious writings  I had assigned myself inspirational messages and affirmation continued to come to me.  I posted them on the web, sent them out in e-mails, collected them in various files until one day  the thought came to me....."She was right!  This is what I am to write."

Many times we receive information that can easily take us to where it is that we are meant to go and to what fits us the very best.  Yet, through our conditioning we do not let ourselves accept the information which easily moves us in the direction that is in our highest good.  Instead we hold it in our mind mulling it over complicating the simple.

Today the simplicity of it all came to me.  I am doing what I was told I would do which is write.  It hasn't made it to book form yet but, it feels to me that wasn't the main objective of my writing.  If my words touch one person and help transform a life in a positive way that is fantastic.  I have accomplished the purpose of the writings.  It really doesn't have to be hard work to be good.  When it comes from the heart it reaches all of those it is meant to reach touching them at their deepest levels. 

It's time to look at what you have set before yourself and ask questions.  "Am I complicating what could be very simple?"  Let go of the idea it has to be a hard and a lot of work to be good. You are not here to do what someone else has done or is doing.  You are here to do what is yours to do.  This will carry your imprint out into the world in a way that reflects the genuine you.

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