Thursday, November 17, 2011

For Margie

Today I received an e-mail from a very dear friend of mine.  The e-mail was to share the information of  the loss of her beloved grandson who died in a car accident early this month.  The words she wrote touched me at the deepest levels.  Through her grief she sent the message out to those that she knew to remember the importance of family and friends.  Margie, I am sorry for you and your families loss. 

Many people become distracted by the outside influences of worn out messages that their happiness, success and self-worth depend on what they do and what they have.  Many times in the pursuit of this so called "success" people shut down to what is truly important.  In the striving to gain the next step in the career, the next material item, or the next recognition brings with it the setting aside for later the most important factor of life.  That factor is all of those the person loves. 

Many times people tell themselves that when they reach that all important next step or thing they'll have the time then to spend with the people they have set aside.  That next step or thing only leads to the next step and the next material item.  When the person stops and listens for one moment to their heart they will hear the messages that have lived there all along.  The first message is, you cannot regain the moments lost with a person.  Even with all that we are aware of there is no going back for a do over with the person or people that were set aside.  With this messages comes another message.  You may not have the opportunity for a next moment with a person.  One moment they may be there and the next moment they may be gone forever from this physical world.

We have stepped into a new time.  A time when many are remembering the importance of mankind's ability to love and connect at the heart level.  To reach out from one to another and speak the words and show the actions of loving beyond the material world.  Looking past any and all items the person may or may not have, seeing the beauty of the person.  In many cases opening the doorways for others to see the beauty and truth that has always been who they are. 

Today and everyday take the time to share your life with those you love.  Open your hearts to the fullest allowing each person you know and those that you do not know at this time to feel the love you have for them.  It only takes a minute to share a smile, a hug, a compliment, compassion, or words of support and love.