Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Truth of You

Written below is a message from the Ancients. With the many changes on Earth that are occurring people are searching desperately to find their point of Self. Moving into your mind, then allowing yourself to wander through the fear beliefs, old trainings and myths of life seeing them as only thought that has been built through lifetimes, passed from one person to another onward to generation after generation.

Freeing from these thoughts take you easily on your journey of awareness. What an adventure this is. Remembering you are a great and magnificent Creator allowing your life to change in amazing ways as you shift from the hold of old thoughts created out from mankind’s blindness of their magnificence, to thoughts of purpose and design.

There are times in which the human experience draws an individual into viewing the life of another raising to the surface unknown or unprocessed emotional debris. This debris may cause the individual to compare themselves to the other they are viewing feeling as if they are not enough. In this devaluing of the Self they hold the thought that what identifies the other may fit them as well. They will find as they stretch and pull this identity around themselves it does not fit. Why would that be? Because the individual is not being true to the essence of who they are. Always be the life that you have chosen to be not what you believe another is........The Ancients