Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Over the last 4 months communications have been coming in.  These communications have turned themselves into a nice little book which is filled not only with words, the pages are filled with an energy that touches everyone that has picked up the material to read.

I am extremely excited about these writings and I know they will go out into the world.  What I don't know is how this will come about.  Which of course is just fine.  I know when the time is right they will draw in whatever is needed to get r done.  (O.K. I couldn't resist a touch of humor there)

Yesterday I hooked up the camera and made a new you tube video.  Of course it contained information that was channeled (communicated) in.  As the words came in a theme presented itself.  The theme was you deserve to not only create your dream, you also deserve to bring it into the physical and live it.

With the words moving through my mind and body and with the writings bringing so much excitedment to the surface I found myself on the internet looking into everything that I was doing to get the writings out there.  I also looked at a whole lot of material that gave the information as to what it is you need to do to get the writings out and about.  Wow!  So much of the material I read conveyed the message that most writings will never make book form and if they do they will only sit and gather dust.  The naysayers were present all through the internet pages that I was drawn to read.   

There is a very stringent format that is to be followed to get material to the people who are well known in the business and most are not going to be bothered with an unknown writer or an unknown literary agent.  OMG!  The limits presented through the material I read are enough to turn the most excited writer around with their head down and tail tucked between their legs and their dream breaking to tiny bits around them. 

This is only one example of how we have limited ourselves and our dreams.  Setting about perceptions that all must follow a certain path that is decided by a select group.  When it comes to creating your dreams it is to hold the idea in your heart and thoughts seeing the beauty of it, seeing the merit of it and of course seeing all that your delightful essence has brought to it.  Then allowing a new way to come in that opens the door for it to be presented outward in all of it's brilliance. 

Dreams are meant to be created and lived.  The energy in our new world brings us the information that we have the ability to create anything that we choose.  Creating with energy that comes from the heart  touched with the passion of belief that you deserve allows the dreams to manifest in the most amazing ways that step past all the naysayers.  Much Love to all of you........Cherry