Friday, April 29, 2011

Secrets of Your Soul

You will not find the secrets of your soul as you listen to the thoughts that filter through your mind.  Let them grow quiet and still.  Shhhhh....listen.....the voice of your heart is quietly whispering to you the secrets you have waited to hear.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Create with Love

Your thoughts, actions and words create. Do they support the world you wish to live in? Or the world you fear will be?

Today silence the mind, listening instead to what the heart has to say.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


In this wonderful and extraordinary time that is upon you there are many people feeling confused and at a loss. The direction their life had been going, where they believed they were meant to be has changed. For some this change has left a feeling of being adrift moving without direction. We are here to tell you this is a great time. A time in which you are meant to let go with the mind allowing the self to be guided by the heart. Dearest Children of Earth, you are not adrift nor are you without direction. You are feeling the shift that is necessary that moves through the layers of you reaching deep within your cells, opening you to the knowledge of the truest form of who you are. Each step in your process has been in Divine Order and remains so. As you relax the mind freeing yourself up to feel the fullness of the life that is in store for you a new sense of purpose along with a new sense of self comes. We ask that you close the mind to the fear thoughts as they enter reaching out with your heart trusting that the Divine Source of all Life is there with you never once having left you alone and unattended.

Dearest Ones take deep breathes of joy as you feel this new pull of energy that is with you. Open your eyes to the miracle of life that is before you. Free yourself Dearest Ones from the attachment to the physical for just moments at a time. This allows you to stop unnecessary movement that distracts you. With this distraction gone you feel the music of life that has lived within you for all time. We use the term “music” to bring you a great understanding of the vessel of energy you are. All of life is energy in movement that ebbs and flows perfectly in tune with the energetic movement that dances throughout all worlds in Divine balance.

As planet Earth purges old residual energy which causes great shifts in the land masses and waterways that you are familiar with, we assure you we are here. We speak to you in voices of love as you move through the changes of this life that appears to be filled with turbulence that keeps you unsure of the steps that you are to take next. We tell you that the information you are seeking is yours to have. No longer reaching outside of the Self instead reaching deep within the information comes restoring balance to all that you do. This is a time you agreed to come. You agreed to be a source of influence in the re-establishing harmony on Earth once more. Again Dearest Ones, we ask you to silence the mind, open the heart and trust. We love and adore you in this magnificent life that you have undertaken. We hold you in our hearts supporting all that you do. Call to us as we are here……….The Ancients

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Complicating the Simple

Many years ago I was told that I would write a book.  Not once had I ever considered myself to be a writer.  Yet, when this information came to me it felt right.  I immediately shared the information with a good friend of mine.  Her response was "What are you going to write inspirational messages and affirmations?"  I recoiled from that idea as quickly as she put it out there.  This did not appeal to me at all. My thought was that if I was to write it would be of substance carrying a profound message.  I thought of all of the serious works that I had read over the years that really touched me and knew that is what I was to write.  Yeah you got it.  Just a little full of myself wasn't I? 

So, as time went by I would sit and write what I thought would be a profound message full of inspiration.  Leave it to me to make it really hard.  Several ideas came and writings began as I worked to fulfill this prophecy that had been handed to me.  None of the writings would ever finish themselves and they sit about in file folders in my computer.  Through all of these serious writings  I had assigned myself inspirational messages and affirmation continued to come to me.  I posted them on the web, sent them out in e-mails, collected them in various files until one day  the thought came to me....."She was right!  This is what I am to write."

Many times we receive information that can easily take us to where it is that we are meant to go and to what fits us the very best.  Yet, through our conditioning we do not let ourselves accept the information which easily moves us in the direction that is in our highest good.  Instead we hold it in our mind mulling it over complicating the simple.

Today the simplicity of it all came to me.  I am doing what I was told I would do which is write.  It hasn't made it to book form yet but, it feels to me that wasn't the main objective of my writing.  If my words touch one person and help transform a life in a positive way that is fantastic.  I have accomplished the purpose of the writings.  It really doesn't have to be hard work to be good.  When it comes from the heart it reaches all of those it is meant to reach touching them at their deepest levels. 

It's time to look at what you have set before yourself and ask questions.  "Am I complicating what could be very simple?"  Let go of the idea it has to be a hard and a lot of work to be good. You are not here to do what someone else has done or is doing.  You are here to do what is yours to do.  This will carry your imprint out into the world in a way that reflects the genuine you.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


For me March was a month of changes and detoxification at a cellular level.  I spent a good portion of the first 3 weeks with one form of the flu or another.  During the last week of March I lost my beloved dog Boomer.  He touched not only my heart but, the hearts of everyone that came into contact with him.

April has been a month of beginings.  I have been drawn to the new and back to the old.  By that I mean starting April 14th I will be joining a wonderful group of people at Journeys in Salem offer my services.  Now, as for back to the old.  I am returning once a week to Mystic Mountain in Corvallis Or. on Mondays.  Mystic is a by appointment only schedule that allows me to re-connect with people I haven't see for a long time and that I have missed very much.  These two days out of my home are perfect for me.  I am busy, busy, busy the rest of the week with my many clients from all over the world.  Not to mention my family, friends and life in general. 

Life is ever changing.  Being present for all of the experiences that come to us allows us to fully participate in our chosen life.  Not all of it is comfortable.  Some of it being downright sad and distressful yet, each experience enrichesses us.  The uncomfortable moments of our lives brings a stronger appreciation for the moments of love and joy as they present themselves.

What have these last two months brought you?  Beginnings?  Endings? Changes or just moving with the flow of life at a wonderful liesurely pace without any momentus events.  No is all still life at it's best.