Tuesday, April 12, 2011


For me March was a month of changes and detoxification at a cellular level.  I spent a good portion of the first 3 weeks with one form of the flu or another.  During the last week of March I lost my beloved dog Boomer.  He touched not only my heart but, the hearts of everyone that came into contact with him.

April has been a month of beginings.  I have been drawn to the new and back to the old.  By that I mean starting April 14th I will be joining a wonderful group of people at Journeys in Salem Or.to offer my services.  Now, as for back to the old.  I am returning once a week to Mystic Mountain in Corvallis Or. on Mondays.  Mystic is a by appointment only schedule that allows me to re-connect with people I haven't see for a long time and that I have missed very much.  These two days out of my home are perfect for me.  I am busy, busy, busy the rest of the week with my many clients from all over the world.  Not to mention my family, friends and life in general. 

Life is ever changing.  Being present for all of the experiences that come to us allows us to fully participate in our chosen life.  Not all of it is comfortable.  Some of it being downright sad and distressful yet, each experience enrichesses us.  The uncomfortable moments of our lives brings a stronger appreciation for the moments of love and joy as they present themselves.

What have these last two months brought you?  Beginnings?  Endings? Changes or just moving with the flow of life at a wonderful liesurely pace without any momentus events.  No matter.....it is all still life at it's best.

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  1. Thank you for this simple,yet profound message. You are beautiful in all ways.