Thursday, September 22, 2011

The message is sent

While in a discussion with a friend, she told me she saw me talking with groups of people in prisons.  This same information  came to me years ago and felt as if would be something I would do even though it had not manifested in the physical yet.

As she finished her statement I began to speak.  The words that I spoke brought  information that even as we stood talking in the room the messages were already being sent.  That as the words formed, the energy was in force and moving through the bars of the prison cells or the prisons created by the mind reaching in and touching the people it was meant to touch.  In that very moment the message was received and a life was transformed.  I did not have to be present to witness, only to be aware and know what it was I had chosen to send.

As the words continued to flow through me bringing the information, visions moved in my mind showing an image of a woman with dark hair laying on the bed in her cell.  I saw the words enter her space of awareness and the transformation as the energetic connection was made.  Her eyes had been dull and blank....hopeless.  As the energy touched her they sparked coming alive.  I saw her walk out of the prison filled with a passion to live.

What is a prayer but a thought filled with the energy of love sent out to be carried through the currents of life.  It is the same with all of the words and thoughts that we have.  This is true for everyone.  We are always tranmitting energetic messages.  We can singularly or in groups send messages of love, support, hope, compassion, understanding, forgiveness and on and on and on changing our world. 

The woman that I was having the conversation (DJ) with facilitates a wonderful class called Connection in Motion.  A movement of sacred energy.  I love participating in this class and other events such as this.  I know that the energy of love that is created in that space goes out and touches our worlds. 

So, my friends lets create a new world, the true world with thoughts and actions of love.  You will not forget you are in the human experience which at times will bring those moments of questioning.  Yet, the understanding that the energy of light and love carries is stronger than the energy of fear...........Many Blessings.........Cherry

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