Thursday, January 6, 2011


I like many people understand that all things are energy and energy is in constant motion.  That energy is in levels of frequency with love being the highest frequency there is. 

On Tuesday (Jan.4th, 2011) a friend and I went to see Braco the gazing healer.  What a lovely experience that was.  This amazing man stood before a room filled with approximately 500 people fully open to his Christ energy allowing his gaze to carry that energy out into the room for any who chose to receive it.  As he did this, I felt was an instant mass opening of heart chakras filling the room with a love and peace that can only come from the heart. 

As I stood in this room filled with this exalted energy tears came to my eyes it felt so lovely.  Did I feel a healing within me?  All that I can tell you is that I felt complete love of all of life throughout the gaze.  I am a believer that love heals all.  As it enters our cells and moves deep into each cell this energy brings light to the darkness that has been held in the cellular structure through lifetimes.

Later as I sat in a restaurant waiting for my lunch I noticed I felt energy surrounding and filling each organ in my body.  By that I mean, I could feel each individual organ with an energy around it seperatly yet, all at once.  My friend who had gone with me to the gazing became icy cold.  I told her that I believed that Braco was gazing again.  I looked at the clock on my cell phone and saw that it was exactly one hour after we had participated in his gaze.  That was when I felt the energy of healing. 

We are all beings of energy.  We all may send the energy of love and healing out as we reach inside opening our hearts sending this energy out for all of life to receive.  As we remember that we are all beings of the Divine Life Force with love being the truth of all Life we raise the vibrations on Earth enabling ourselves to experience what many call Heaven on Earth. As you live in the energy that comes from your  heart you live honoring and loving the Self and all of life, healing through the layers of life that has been lived.

And now.... I want to add a link to the latest You Tube video that I made with two of my lovely friends.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.  Much love to all of you..........Cherry

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