Thursday, December 30, 2010

Welcome in 2011

It is almost here.....just a couple days away.....many hours.......more in minutes......and if measured by seconds it sounds as if it is even further away.  Yet, stop for this moment and feel with your heart.  Feel it?  No?  Take deep calming breathes silencing the mind and feel.  Feel with your heart.  Now, you feel it.  Now you feel the uplifting, high vibrating energy that has been on beautiful planet Earth as it continues to increase with the entry of 2011.  Breath in this beautiful wondrous energy.  As the doorway opens the energy of 2011 enters. Feel deep into your heart allowing that energy to enter every cell in your body.  Open your mind to the dreams you have held quiet for so long allowing them to manifest for you now to enjoy.  Breath further into your heart filling with more of the bright clear energy of 2011.  Breathing out, the new vibrant energy fills every cell in your body with more light of Source. Beautiful children of Earth let the joy of life lead you.  Let the love of life be what carries you forward on your path of creating.   Impatient no longer as you live from the heart creating  moments of beauty that flow one into the other............The Ancients

Just a little P.S.  Visit my You Tube channel for the latest videos.  It feels to me as if they will come more often and be fun and informative.

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