Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reading for a client

The following is information that came in for a client of mine.  She generously allowed me to post it so that the message is there for any that it serves.  Take whatever is necessary for you from the words and let the rest move on to all others it meant to touch..........C

For months now we have been traveling in that place of visiting our deepest fears. Taking them on head first, experiencing them and allowing ourselves to see further into the fears, no longer allowing them to swallow us whole. What is your greatest fear in this situation? It is not the test themselves nor the language classes. It is of not being enough and of failing. Not failing the classes but, failing at living life according to the beliefs of those around you, beginning with your family. Go deeper inside to the child self that has held the fear of being different and not measuring up to those she loved. Let her (you) recognize the old words and feelings that stated you could not do, that you were not enough. Forgive all of those who uttered those words or sent that message. Allow yourself to see the perfect being you are and love who you see.

Again, the experience and lesson in this is the repetition of not performing according to someone else’s idea of good enough. Once you stepped into the continuance of your old pattern the energy has freely flowed there. Even with all that you have heard to overcome this, the old energy of fear and failure has been stronger. It is time to really see yourself in a light of perfection and grasping all of your lessons easily. Looking beyond the idea of just the language class being a form of learning to speak in a new and different way, what does it represent to you internally? That is where to look for this. It represents the idea of speaking then not only being heard but, also understood. And the same with hearing and understanding those who speak to you. Think of the child self and how many people spoke at her expecting a certain outcome. Then her interpretation of what was said to her and how she felt as if she failed when she tried to do what was asked because the message became garbled in her mind or at least that is how she felt.

This is the hardest time for many of people. Let yourself really see yourself whole and perfect. Imagery does help you at this time. Imaging a positive outcome and then feeling it to the very best of your ability. It isn’t to continue to look at the why of this idea of failure but, to look past it and see yourself completely successful in all of your efforts. Do not let the fear blind you to the actual outcome. Do not let the fear blind you to your true abilities.


  1. This is wonderful! I am so happy that posted this message! :)

  2. Good post Cherry, thanks for sharing.

  3. Many times during a session comes information that serves each and every one of us. I was so pleased my client agreed to share her message.

  4. Hola Cherry,
    It seems that where there is a residue of repeated habits of putting things off that it is indicative of old conditioned patterns... Right?

    What have you learned to be effective to do in flipping over or to transmute Resistance (to doing any activity) relative to old conditionings (well enough) so that we carry-on with what we truly need (or want) in order to progress in any endeavor/activity?


  5. When in the process of transforming what old ways of resistance into newer ways, can this energetically cause head/eye tension to where the eye's are overly stressed?

    My nervous system is trying to adapt to college expectations to perform on exams to reflect having grasped learning to use a new language... I'm to take a test and yet my eye's are overly stressed... I'm not sure what else to do other then having to back down with continuing my course if I cannot take the exams. Any suggestive ideas are welcome.
    Thanks for making a difference!