Friday, February 11, 2011

Computer Challenges=Changing My Perspective

This is legnthy but, it may make you feel better about your latest experiences in life.  I know it made me feel better just writing it.

Let me tell you about my experiences in the last two weeks with my computer.  Or should I say my computers?  I had a computer that was approximately 8 years old.  Over the years it has had to be worked on for various reasons.  The first time this happened I went into a panic as I thought I had lost everything on it.  Thank goodness for a wonderful friend that was able to get all the information out of my hard drive including the e-mail addresses for my family, friends and clients.  This taught me to find a back up for these precious things.  BTW, there is a reason I mention this now.

At the end of this last year I had been pondering upgrading to Windows 7, getting a monitor with a camera in it as I am in the process of learning how to use Skype to do webinars and  updating my client address book.  Over the years people have come and gone, changed addresses or even e-mailed me from several addresses and all have been kept on my wonderful contact list and back-up.  (Yes, my address book is mentioned again)  There were a few other things that I had been considering too  and one of them was more ram as my computer required it for Windows 7 to operate in it.

I had discussed this with my husband who happened to have the ram I needed for my computer.  He was going to use it in his but, being the really nice guy that he is, he let me have it.  I had something or other to do and was away for a bit while he began the installation of the ram.  When I finished what I was doing I came in to see how everything was going.  I knew the instant I saw him that it wasn't going well.  The old computer not only rejected the ram, it no longer wanted to work.  He was beside himself sure that I would be upset as I use my computer daily to communicate with my clients.

Instead of upset, I decided that was the Universe saying "step into the new" and get a new computer.  My goodness!  With all of this high energy of 2011 and the fact that what I had been considering would cost just about as much as a new computer, I thought what the heck, I would just forget the upgrades and get a new one.  So, off to the store we went, picked up a new one and I happily went home to get it going and begin using it.  I was excited!!!!

So, the new computer was set up and I began inputting all of my information into it when I realized it didn't have the Outlook program I used.  Being on my e-mail a lot I like having it right on my desktop and one click away from being opened.  So, I found a great free desktop e-mail program (Windows Live) and installed it.  I then began the process of trying to import my HUNDREDS of client e-mail addresses into it.  O.K. soon you will understand why I mentioned my e-mail address book as I did. The back-ups wouldn't import into the program. No matter what I tried or how I cried it just wouldn't work!

I decided this may be the Universes way to get me to update my address book.  This made perfect sense as the address book as I said earlier was out dated.  I then went to my online e-mail and sent everyone an e-mail requesting they update their information if they wanted to remain on my list.  The e-mails flowed in one right after the other.  It made my heart feel good that there were so many positive responses.  HUNDREDS of them for that matter.

A week and a half went by and I was in love with my new computer.  I had spent hours manually inputting all of those HUNDREDS of e-mail addresses (not to mention all of the programs I use).  When the darn thing quit working.  It would no longer let me go between the partitions for the users on the computer.  Especially the main partition which is my work area.  I couldn't believe it!!!!  What the heck!!!????  I tried to get ahold of the manufacturer but the thought began running through my mind "It's an electronic item.  If it is bad now don't keep it or you'll really be sorry after the warrenty is up."  So, I loaded that pup up and hauled it back to the store.  Where I picked up a new one.  Not only a new one but, an upgrade of what I had originally  purchased.

After coming home I went off  to work with a client and my husband began setting up the new computer.  The  excitement was missing this time and when I came out and looked at the computer it was with an air of resignation as I sat down and began the process I had just done not that long ago all over again.  And to answer your question, "No, I had not backed up my address book prior to this happening."  I hadn't gotten that far.

I went to bed that night with a headache due to eyestrain and tension knots the size of golf balls in my shoulder blades.  I got up the next morning refreshed and ready to tackle the new computer.  My frame of mind was back to it's usual there's a reason for everything space.  I sat down at the new computer and began my work.  I had been there about a half an hour when the computer began doing the same thing the other computer had.  I couldn't believe it!  Was the God of electronics mad at me?  Did I forget to throw him some kind of offering and now he was getting even?  I couldn't stand the idea of unhooking everything and carting it back to the store and in the back of my mind I couldn't help but wonder if it was operator error on my part.  I grabbed the phone and called the company and this time I was in luck.....I got a computer tech.

On the phone it was determined that I had to do a complete factory re-install.  My mind froze when I was told this.  What about the addresses I had got in?  What about the programs I had spent hours or at least what felt like hours installing.  Thank goodness for technology or at least some of it.  The tech was able to work from where he was and save the addresses that I had been able to input.  Not so with the rest.  This was decided after being on the phone with him for over TWO HOURS.  He hung up while the computer began it's process saying he would call me back in half an hour.  I took that time to rush in brush my teeth, shower and try to get ready for the day.

The half hour came and left.  The computer was back to factory settings.  I thought why wait and began to go through the start up process.  As I began there seemed to be an issue.  It seemed that the programs weren't loading very well.  I wasn't sure if it was me that was fried and the computer was fine so I continued.  As the time went by it became apparent that the computer was not all right.  It began refusing to load it's own programs.  I dreaded it but, I knew what had to be done.  I got the box out and began uplugging cords when the phone rang.  It was the tech.  He apologized for not calling sooner. 

With tears in my eyes and a feeling of defeat I told him I was taking the computer back.  He began to try to talk me out of this, he could help me he was sure.  I told him it was no use, he asked me to hold on the phone and he was such a nice man I did.  I figured he was off to talk to his manager to try to get me to keep the monster that was on my desk with it's screen of darkness waiting for me to walk to it and grab it's skinny base with both of my hands carried away there.  My tired mind finally registered I had been on hold almost 15 minutes.  The guy was nice but, what the heck was I doing?  I hung the phone up and began the process.

Shall I tell you now that my husband unloaded the first and second computer from the car?  He also reloaded the second computer into the car and I had help getting it out of the car at the store and then a nice clerk loaded the new computer into my car after I purchased it.  They did this because the computer boxes are heavy and cumbersome.  Let me tell you I needed no help this time.  I boxed, loaded and unloaded the computer I was returning.  I picked out a new computer, put it into the cart, wheeled it out to the car, put it into the trunk, got it home, got it out of the trunk, hauled that baby up the stairs to my front door and deposited it into the house.  I did all of this with super human stregnth.

As I stood readying myself to install the new computer I was toying with the idea that I could get it all done and my husband would never know I had exchanged the second one.  Why that thought crossed my mind is beyond me.  Or maybe not.  Very likely an old emotional response from days gone by.  As quickly as that first thought came to me something else happened.  Suddenly a wave of peace came over me.  My mind began to calm as a voice floated through my mind reminding me that life is good.  That all things have a purpose.  I consciously chose to listen to that wise voice as I looked at my computer desk and then over to the box on the floor.  I was filled with energy.  The energy could be used wisely and so, I began clearing the desk, pulled it out from the wall and cleaned away all old cables and dust that had accumulated as they so often do when you have any type of electronics.  My energy was now re-focused in a positive way and things were getting done.  The desk and cables were not done when my husband installed the other computers.  His focus was getting the computer going hoping to make my day better.

I stopped when the phone rang answering it to hear my husbands voice on the line.  He asked how things were.  I replied sweetly "fine".  He did not believe me.  He said he could tell by the tone in my voice something was going on.  That I wasn't telling him everything.  Hmmmm.  Looks like he may know me a bit.  So, I told him what my day had been like.  He wasn't convinced I was fine and questioned coming home.

That was yesterday.  I got up today with curiosity over the new computer.  Would it do what the other two had done.  When this thought went through my mind I felt resentment and hostility begin.  I stopped those thoughts short.  Not the way I want to start my day.  Then I laughed at myself.  That felt better. 

I decided to look at this all from a different perspective. Looking at it from a different perspective is an eye opener.  What is that perspective you ask?  It is this....My computer goes bad, I can afford a new one. For that matter it is a blessing that I could afford one in the first place.  I can get in my car, drive to where I want to go.  My body functions fully.  I am capapble of walking to what I need, lift and carry it.  My mind works and I can figure things out.  I  live in a great home in which I have electricity that not only runs my computer it runs all of the other gadgets I have in my house.  I have a wonderful husband that loves me and is willing to stop what he is doing to help me out.  And the list of positives goes on and on. 

There are people all over the world having difficulties that I have never had to deal with.  No homes, no food, poor health, disease and so on.  Today I talked to my daughter on the phone to hear she switched shifts with her 24 year old co-worker so that this girl could go to the viewing of her friend that fell asleep at the wheel and died in a car accident this last week.  Puts a whole new slant on things.  If this is the worst thing I have to deal with then I am not doing so bad at all.

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  1. Group hug w/ you, the lovely (loving) spousal unit and the computer!! (and all four legged companions!!! ) (and me!!!)

    Love ya!