Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Steps of LIfe

We have many steps in this process called life.  One day we may be filled with inspiration sharing it with the world, the next day silent as we draw within.  Or possibly feeling disconnected as we move through the void as we transform, with our transformation affecting the world in ways we do not always see nor understand. 

Each step in the process is the step that is perfect for our forward movement into full awareness.   I hear from many people as they become concerned with a particular step they are taking.  It feels different to them,  an unknown appearing in their life just as they felt they had grabbed ahold of a greater understanding, to suddenly feel as if this understanding slipped from their grasp.  With this comes a feeling of trepidation as they cannot see where the step is taking them. 

When this happens it is time to step back away from the old teachings that say you must know, you must see, you must  have the feeling of control or you are not safe in the world that moves before you.  It is time to remember that at every moment you are safe within the world around you.  That you have created this world that unfolds before you for your own experiencing and evolvement.   Take a moment and reflect on your world.  This world of your creating.  Reflect on the fact that you are an amazing being that set this life about and that you knew at the time you were designing it there was nothing at all to fear. 

Feel the fear melt away as you claim the magnificent creator you are.  Hold tight to TRUST.  Trust that you are sublime, that you are of the Divine and that you are always supported in life even during those times that feel as if you are stepping blindly onto the next step of your process.   Breath into this moment of fear, let it pass as you access the knowledge that lives inside of you.  Take note of what is around you that is filled with beauty, then allow yourself to remember that beauty is a reflection not only of life….it is a reflection of the beauty that you hold inside of you.  It is a reflection of the beauty of you.

Create Dearest Ones……create with love as you follow your path of life. 

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  1. Wonderful post! I just had a particularly challenging "step." And, I got through it -yay!
    As I asked, more support showed up, and each day brings a little more understanding. :)