Monday, July 23, 2012


Question: I say affirmations daily and nothing happens why is that?

Answer: Words alone cannot create, the energy in movement draws the outcome. If you cannot feel it, you cannot create it.  Another way to look at this is, what you "feel" the strongest carries a vibration that outweighs the affirmation.

Exercise: Give yourself more than just a moment to say your affirmation. As you say the words for the affirmation stop and "feel" each one of them. "Feel" any shift in your physical, mental and emotional body. Does the body tense as you say the words? If so, where does it tense? Do you hesitate over certain words? Is there an emotion that comes to you while saying the words. Paying attention to this allows you to understand where you hold resistance to the words you are putting forward. This resistance carries with it a strong vibrational frequency that can negate the words you are speaking.

Now, that you have done that it is time to "feel" the affirmation once again. This time as you state the affirmation ask what does it "feel" like to have what you put forward.

Example: "My body is now perfectly healthy" Notice I focus the words exactly on what it is I am seeing healthy. You may do the same affirmation with mental health and emotional health. It is time to ask yourself what does a perfectly healthy body "feel" like? Spend time "feeling" the body strong, vibrant and healthy. "Feel" with the mind the body's movement easy, pain free, flowing with life. "Feel and see" light in every cell of your body. In the mind’s eye "feel and see" all of the systems of the body clear and healthy. "Feel and see" what you would and could do with a perfectly healthy body. "See" this in your mind in action. If you have an injury to a part of your body visualize using this part of the body without pain. "Feel" yourself doing whatever the activity is.

Take moments throughout the day to "feel" what it is like to have what you put out into the Universe with your affirmation. As you do this you are creating. You continue to create an energy that resonates to the action you have stated in your affirmation. Do not give up if what you are creating does not happen immediately. It is important to remember there are old tapes and programs playing in the background of the mind that continue to create even when you are not aware of them. As you pay attention to the thoughts and feelings you have you will find these old tapes and programs. Don't banish them. Instead look into where it is they began. Dismantle them as you become aware they are teachings and trainings that have been passed down from generation to generation. Continue to allow yourself to "feel and see" what it is like to have what you have affirmed. Create with awareness and  purpose.  You hold all the answers at every moment.  Move through the illusion of fear allowing the life you deserve to be yours.

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