Friday, December 28, 2012

What role do I play?

In so many ways my life is no different than anyone else's.  Even though I have connected to my Ancient Self allowing me to bring in energy and messages that assist others in life transformation, I am still here living the human experience.  I wouldn't have it any other way.   Being a living example is what I am all about.

Many times my life experiences aide others in understanding and accepting themselves along with the lives they are creating.  The realization that someone who connects with their essence still has life events that pull at the human emotions causing challenges has brought to some a giant breath of relief.  Trying to live up to idols takes its toll on a person and the way they view who they are.  Over the years I have seen my humanness help others to accept that they too are more than just the physical life they are living at that very moment. 

Here is a recent life experience that I have been asked to share with others as an example of how our belief stops our creating a life that supports us in all ways.  After my husband died I began having issues with anything that dealt with the financial end of things.  Each step was a struggle.  I was in a deep grieving process with this only adding to it.  One morning I woke up at about 2 a.m. with these words being spoken to me:

"You know that there is nothing that is ever done to you.  You are participating at every moment in your life.  What role are you playing in this?" 

I was fully awake as these words ended.  I lay in my bed thinking about what I had heard.  It only took me a few moments to realize that I felt guilty for having any financial gain due to the loss of my husband.  Intellectually I could understand that we had put things into place for whoever was the surviving spouse to be supported on the financial level.  Yet, at the emotional level the logical, rational aspect of all of this was not relevant.  This is something that gets forgotten.  Our emotional body plays a much stronger role in our creating than our logical thoughts do.  What we "believe" at the deepest levels are what we create.

Today while on facebook I noticed a Gregg Braden video.  Of course it was reinforcing what I just wrote about.  What he is saying is something I and others have been sharing for many years.  I love that through my life experiences I can bring this same message to people in a way in which they can relate to it on the human level.  It is important to understand your inner workings and how they affect your outer world.  Words are not the creating force.  The energy of your emotions added to the words create.  If you really do not believe in what you are saying you will not create it.  For me that is the simplest way to say it. 

When I am leading a group in creating I will bring in words to create a new reality.  During this time I will ask people what they are feeling about the words that are being spoken.  If the words only feel like words to them, we stop and go in deeper to find what they truthfully feel.   This allows us to go to the core issues of the  person, process the inner belief, move beyond it, then enable the person to create with thier life force not the limitations of the mind. 

Starting today pay attention to the words you speak and the thoughts that go through your mind.  Are they coming from your knowing self or from the level of the mind that does not allow you to accept what is yours to create?  If this is the case go ahead and ask yourself "What is the role I am playing in this?"  Do not be afraid of the answer.  Once you allow yourself the answer you will find you have set yourself free to create with the abandon of the Child of the Universe that you are. 

This is a wonderful time that we are in.  Enjoy it to the fullest and know that you deserve the absolute best.  Only our fears have kept us from understanding that. 

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