Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Been Away

It has been a bit since I have been here to post on my blog.  My computers hard drive gave up the ghosts on Feb. 26th.  This event stirred things up for me a bit.  I had just completed the first addition of the Premier Membership (visit my website for further information on this) write up and voice clips, I had a list of people that had joined and were expecting to have this on March first and my computer had died.  Not to mention my whole client list was there and of course all other information that I consider of great value. 

At first I stepped into an old pattern of "oh my gosh what am I going to do?" as I frantically went through everything that I could think of.  A thought had began coming to me on the outer fringes of my awareness then smacked my total awareness with a jolt.  What was the thougtht?  It was that the number for the friend that works on my computer was of course alive and well inside of my non-responding computer where I could not get to it.  I had his old number on the outside computer but, that was not going to do me a bit of good as it was disconnected. 

Yep.  A part of me was going a little crazy.  My youngest granddaughter was spending the night and calling from the bath that she was ready to get out.  My husband encouraged me to go to her and it seemed like the best thing that I could do at the moment.  And let me tell you it was much more fun talking to her, getting her ready for the night, blowing her hair dry and so on.  These actions and this fun little personality lifted me and my energy field up again.

When I came back to the computer my husband had managed to get it to boot up.  I was able to send out all of the information on the P.M. to those who were waiting for it, contact a few other people and get some other information before it went down for the very last time. 

For a couple of months the  Universe had been giving me a hint of what was to come.  I listened to some of the information as it came in and acted on it.  I ignored or overlooked some of the other information  that was sent in. Which of course is a message in itself.  Isn't this the way we do things many times?  We are sent messages in many forms to let us know what is coming our way.  We see and hear some of the information and act on it as it comes in.  We overlook, miss or just plain ignore the rest of the information that has been supplied to us.  Or we just do not understand what it is that is being sent to us. 

The point here is that we are becoming more and more aware of the "help" we receive from sources outside of what we can see, hear or touch .  We are becoming more and more intune with this "help".  As we trust and act on the unseen "help" the more we understand and accept the support we have coming to us from the non-physical. 

Another message I received from this little event is clearing and renewing the way I communicate.  All of this lead me to send messages and update my address book.  This request for an update brought a new order and a new contact in from those on my e-mail list.  It brought life back to what seems to be just words written on a screen. 

When you have an event occur in your life that seems unpleasant look deeper into it and see all that is brought to you from the occurrance.  Instead of holding onto only a negative outlook that keeps your energy level down, step away from it, shift your perception and then see the gifts that roll in with it.  Many blessings to you.


  1. Oh good so you are back to blogging again. I like it. Shift your perception, I'm open to doing this consciously. I am going to write it down on put it on both computers. Thanks.

  2. Hey Cherry, I don't know why but your posts have stirred my thoughts a bit. Well, you're a wonderful blogger. There is one more wonderful person like you. Her name is Gemel. I read her blog regularly and from now, I'll try to read yours too!

    Keep up the good work :) the world wants you!

  3. Hello Cherry,

    Hope you blog more or should I say even more! I like your style.

    I' like to add: “Don't Take Anything Personally. Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won't be the victim of needless suffering.” - Don Miguel Ruiz

    He's right on!

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