Sunday, February 28, 2010

Events and Happenings

This sure has been a time of events and happenings.  Some expected and some not.  I started a new adventure with the addition of my "Premier Membership" on my website.  This has been a wonderful and exciting success and a planned event.  The first addition was to go out on March 1st. 

Well.....that was the plan then the Universe sent in an energy of change and my desktop computer stopped working.  (A very big unplanned event)  And of course this is where all of the information was kept for the PM.  By that I mean the e-mail with the spiritual guidance including the monthly excercise to stay focused plus the recorded meditation/visualization.  At first I went into the old mental panic with my mind racing thinking "Oh my gosh!  I have a long list of people that are waiting for this" and of course I didn't have a back-up. 

My diversion from this frantic and frentic thinking came in the form of my 5 year old granddaughter who was spending the night.  She needed my attention and of course that was the better place to be.  As I was taking care of her needs I felt myself calm and become more in the moment of joy and laughter (nice space to be in).  She and I came back into the area where the computer is and my husband had the computer running again.  It ran long enough for me to get the PM information sent out early, make up back-up information and do a few other things before it went down again not to come back to life.  Or at least no life for the time being and I know that will change too.

The Universe had been preparing me at the beginning of last month for this unexpected event.  At the beginning of Feb. and ad for Plaxo popped up on my e-mail and I decided it was time to update and back-up my client addresses there and I followed through.  Then  two weeks ago I had the urge to burn all of the photos on my computer to disc.  And I did that too.  Earlier in the day my computer went down I had sent a copy of the PM e-mail w/voice clips to a couple of friends so that they could see what I was creating.  So,even if my husband had not been able to get the cumpter up for the short period he did, I still had all the information.  All I had to do was contact my friends and ask them to send it back to me.   I also, felt the urge to create a copy of my website information and place it on my computer.  Now, that I didn't do.  Yet, I know it will be fine.  Maybe it is time for a change there and this is the perfect time to do that. 

I know these events serve their purpose.  There have been changes that came in that I viewed as positive the moment they arrived.  People from my past contacting me.  These are both on the business and personal level which is re-establishing our connections.   Wonderful new friendships are being formed.  Discussions of new business opportunites have cropped up.  It has been a whirwind of the expected and unexpected. 

But, I do want to revisit the unexpected event that brought me to my panic mode for one more moment.  As I mentioned prior to the event I began receiving urgings preparing me for the crash of my computer.  I took action on some of it and didn't on other urgings I had been receiving.  Many times we are prepared in advance for what we consider the unexpected.  It is only a matter of listening at the time.  Following those little guidances.  As we do this not needing the exact reason why we are receiving the guidance instead trusting what we are feeling and acting on it, we find that we are always being supported and prepared when there is a need for this.  Trusting what comes to us and acting on it reminds us that we not only supported, it allows us to stay in our personal power.
Let yourself move with the flow of energy of the Universe.  Trust that you are supported even when things seem to come to you in an unexpected way that turns your world upside down.  Or seems to.  Listen to your own intution even when you do not know fully why it is coming in.  It serves its purpose.  Blessings........C


  1. I have enjoyed your post and thank you for reminding me to go with the flow of energy. I have run out of energy for the day and decided to put my feet up and rest. So I'm catching up on reading a few of the blogs that I follow.

  2. Ooooh, good idea -putting your feet up! I have just printed out your post to read in the bath -it has been a loooong, fun day. :)