Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Moving Along

Well, things are moving along.  The energy we are now in is bringing in ideas for new ways to add to our lives.   These may not really be what we would consider new yet, they will feel  new to us.  This is a time to really let yourself be adventures.  If an idea comes in that is different then the way you would normally do something, then put that idea into action.  Go ahead.  Let go of that old pattern and implement the new.  Let it be fun.

One of the ideas that came to me is opening up a inexpensive format for people to receive information on a monthly basis.  The idea popped into my mind to start what is called the "Premier Membership".  Of course this concept is not necessarily new, many others have used it long before it came to me.  Yet, it is new to me.  I felt the push to get in there and get it going.  And so that is exactly what I did.  I began the monthly membership.  Those who join will receive monthly guidance in an e-mail.  Along with this will be either a voice clip or cd (the person gets to choose) which will contain a meditation/guided visualization.  The idea behind this is to add another way for people to keep focused on what we lovingly call "our path."  With all of the changes going on in our world that seem to harbor and create more fear, this allows the focus to be of a positive nature which brings each person back to the knowledge they are the creators of their life and they may create in a wonderful fun and loving way. 

So, let yourself jump into the new energy and create.  If an idea comes to you that is different and feels like a breathe of fresh air, do it.  Have fun with it.  Let it be your new toy.  Grab ahold of it, form it, reform it, pull it in and out and play with it until it is exactly what you want it to be.  If a little later down the road it no longer is what you want, pull that idea out again, grab ahold of it, form it, reform it, pull it in and out and play with it.  Yep, I did re-write that line all over again.  It reminds us that nothing is written in stone, there are no absolutes and to let it be fun. 

For more information about the Premier Club visit http://www.cherrydivine.com/ and visit the services page.

By the way.....smiling is contagious.


  1. I love your statement about reshaping, reforming and making something out of an idea....grabbing ahold of something. I truly feel that you must grasp every opportunity with both hands. There is just nothing in this world or in this life that says things MUST be done a certain way or must just BE a certain way. We make our own happiness and in walking our own paths, we inspire, we teach, and we learn...The only absolute in my life is kindness. I truly believe you should be focused on being kind, as there are many people in this world who rarely experience kindness. A little tiny bit makes a significant difference, even to the hardest of hearts. I enjoy your blog. :)

  2. What you wrote is true, wonderful and inspirational. Thank You!

    O.K. here's a challenge. For everyone that stops by, join in the conversation and post your comment. Add to the positive flow of energy here on good old Planet Earth.