Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I thought this would be a fun and light hearted way to share with you.  I received an e-mail from a friend after she had read an article concerning the concept of there being no time.  I then replied to her e-mail (my reply is in the red font).  She then responded to my e-mail in conversation mode(her response is in the blue).  I loved the information and the way it flowed so, I asked for her permission to post our communications and she gave her o.k.  So, here it is. 

Let me really get you going.  Love this first sentence. I rubbed my hands took a breath pulled my clothes into their proper position and laughed before reading further. :) People stubbornly hold onto the perceptions of life as they believe it is in this lifetime. Oh yeah... Trying to “lock” it all into what they are aware of now. Must be that longing to feel safe and secure I think, to know what is going on but fast as possible, not wanting to know there is so much more; wanting things to be easy. Refusing to stretch and understand. Yes, we've seen others do that before our eyes and ourselves do this inside ourselves. I'm sure YOU have C. Not, only is there not any time and you decide what time period you want to come into when you choose to come into a life, you choose where you want to go, what you want to experience, whether you have a body or not and so on. Well, you just enlightened me again Cherry. Didn't know the part about being able to choose whether we have a body OR NOT. Thanks! Mankind says the word “infinite” as in “infinite possibilities” yet, cannot wrap their mind around what they are saying. This is some real wisdom and insight you have. It's true. I believe this too. I can see myself not always ready to wrap my mind around some things then tell myself to go

ahead and do it anyway. Ultimately trying to make what is infinite, finite. You may or may not have a lesson you want to learn. Well! Thanks once again. I've been thinking we always have to have a lesson. That feels freeing. You may or may not come to planet Earth. Oooohh... Maybe next time around I could live on the cat planet; giggle! You may or may not have a body. Whew! Now from where I stand or sit that sounds like a lot of fun - no pain then! You may or may not come into this Universe. Even bigger WHEW! WOW! You may have a belief system that contains emotions, you may not. Geeeee whiz Cherry. You've definitely got me going. To understand is to “not understand”. Ohhhhh! Because when we feel we understand we're probably standing still again in our growth. That's what I'm getting from this. Just say it is o.k. to think beyond the limits you know now even if it doesn’t feel as if it is something you can comprehend. I like this idea very, very much. We are not locked into the patterns that we believe in, anything is possible. And "anything" really means "anything" which I keep getting again and again. There you have it Well, I have a few its now thanks to you Cherry. I will keep all you said here, in mind from now on. Thanks a lot for sending these thoughts back to me. Glad you enjoyed my email. Lisa...

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  1. Thank you to your friend allowing the sharing of this conversation. There are several bits that are perfect for me to see and ponder over. Enjoyed it. :)