Thursday, February 2, 2012

Life is an adventure

It's been a good twelve years since my shift in awareness. If someone would have walked up to me, looked me directly in the eye and said, "Hey Cherry, guess what you are going to be doing with your life.  You are going to assist mankind on their path of awareness.  You will co-host radio programs, you will appear on television, for that matter you will use all media platforms to reach out to people around the world to bring them the messages that come to you. are going to write a book.  Not just one but, a series of books."  If that would have been said to me earlier I would have either walked away assuming the person was crazy, teasing me or there is a good chance I would have just laughed.

Yet, all of that has happened.  I have been on radio, television, I speak to people daily bringing  information that guides them through life.  I do this with a profound love for life that I had not been aware of earlier in my own life. 

I published my first book on January 26th of this year.  It is available on and  The title is "Wisdom of The Ancients: A Manuscript of Life Essentials".  I will admit to you now that I do visit Amazon and Createspace just to see it listed there.  It still feels slightly unreal to me. 

I used to look out at life and think with dread "what next" expecting bad news.  Now when I ask the question of "what next?" I feel the support and love that life offers.   Life has become an adventure for me.  Even on the days that I am not at the top of my game I know that life is perfect, that each step in it is with purpose. 

It is my wish for you that your life become the adventure you look forward to living. That beginning today you look out at life and feel all the love and support that is yours to have.  Take that step to open your awareness, trust life and create your dreams.

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