Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wanting and Receiving

I am asked over and over again by people how to draw in what they want.  I receive a very simple answer that of course is also part of my remembering just like it is yours.  First allow yourself to "want" it and put out that "want".

The group that works with me gave me a wonderful lesson not long ago in this form of creating.  I was speaking with my nephew.  I hadn't seen him in over a year.  While speaking I looked at a Celtic Cross he was wearing around his neck and the thought raced through my mind, "I want that".  It was quick and simple.  I was drawn back into the conversation very quickly and did not have time to add any of the thoughts that would take away from this want such as "how selfish to want someone else's necklace" and so on.  After awhile we finished our conversation and it was getting time for me to leave and he stopped me telling me he hadn't taken the necklace off since he had received it about a year and a half before.  He took the necklace off and handed it to me and told me he "wanted" me to have it.  I was amazed and of course full of thanks.  I loved it as it came not just from his hands but, also from his heart.

That following week-end I was at an expo doing a reading for a beautiful butterfly (I always describe her this way as that is the way she appears to me) of a woman.  During the read I looked at a very ornate ring she was wearing.  Out of nowhere that thought appeared "I want that ring".  I didn't have time to study the thought or really attach too much of anything to it.  I was way too busy.  This woman left and I continued doing readings.  She came back about two hours later with her hands cupped together and asked me to hold out my hands.  She explained she had received the message from her guides to bring me the gift that she was holding and that I would know why.  She then dropped the ring into my hands. 

I didn't have time to look into this at that time.  A few days later when I did have the time several thoughts came to me.  I had wanted and did not attach any thought to the want.  No shame or guilt for wanting something that was someone else's.  No reasoning why it couldn't or shouldn't happen.  No, holding it in my thoughts trying to control how it should come to me.  My heart was open each time and so was theirs.  I was joyful and grateful for receiving the gifts.  All of this added to the opening of allowing the gifts to flow in to me. 

I have shared this with many people since it all occurred and now I have more to add to this wonderful lesson.  My granddaughters and I were  in Petco about a week and a half ago.  We were by the turtles and my oldest granddaughter asked me if I would get her a turtle.  We discussed it for a bit and I told her that at that time I couldn't but, you never know one day I may be able to.  We left it at that. 

It happens that my grandson (her brother) had been wanting a turtle for several years and had asked his folks for one.  They were going to get him one for his birthday or Christmas (I can't remember which one) and explained that they were pretty expensive and it would be all they could afford to get him.  He is thoughtful and didn't want to impose the cost on them and then he is also a kid and couldn't wrap his mind around that being the only gift. 

Back to the present now.  As it happens I was visiting some friends the other day and they asked if I knew anyone who would want two turtles.  They explained that they were given a male and a female to care for until they could find them a good home.  I bet you can guess the rest of the story from here.  Of course I knew two people that wanted turtles.  And of course I took them to my grandchildren.

Here is the message of receiving in this.  With my granddaughters (both were at the store and the five year old wants what her sister wants) I didn't voice strongly the why's it couldn't happen leaving the energy for the potential right there.  The girls held the want in the minds.  And of course our hearts were open with the wonder and beauty of the turtles we were viewing. With my grandson the energy was stronger around the expense and idea of what would be lost (extra gifts) making the opening for recieving what he wanted smaller.  Yet, his want was still there and with the willingness to have still open he did receive it even if it was a few years down the road from the first time he voiced his want.   It also did not come to him in the only way he thought it would be possible for him to recieve what he had asked for.  And that was through his parents in the form of a gift that was presented on a specific day. 

While I am here talking about receiving; I want to give a great big heart felt thanks to my friend Freda.  She paints the most amazing pictures and I have often thought "I want" one of those paintings.  I didn't voice this yet, she felt it.  Yesterday she presented me with a beautiful painting of a Pegasus.  She had been listening to the many times I mentioned I had a connection to Pegasus then painted this beautiful painting just for me.  Wow!  Isn't life great.  Not just the receiving the gifts, it is about having these wonderful loving  people and events in my life. 

Allow yourself to see what it is you "want" in this life.  Allow yourself to know you deserve it.  Let the old voices that have stopped you from receiving what it is you want go quiet.  Open your hearts and receive knowing it does not create a hardship to anyone to have what you desire when it comes from the heart.  As you do this know that you open your heart and you also hear and feel what another wants to receive.  If you are meant to be the person that gives them what it is they are asking for, you will be the person to do just that.  Keep it all very simple and from the heart.


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience relating to what your wanting...
    Your shared experience reminds me of something I've been wanting. I've been setting intentions to clear clutter and support creating a better home environment. I put out to the universe that I want to find a nice dinning chair and then let it go.
    I recently had a surprising experience the other day, while with a friend who wanted to stop by a used furniture store.
    There was a moment when I was drawn to a particular chair that was high up on a shelf. When I got to check it out closer, it turned out to be the ideal chair that I had in mind of what I need. The seat cover has stains which I could easily cover. Nonetheless, it was a great demonstration of our intentions coming alive.
    Now I want to create a successful study strategy to help pass my exams for my psychology class.
    I would like to know how I could discover ways to making associations with terms and concepts in order to recall what I need to know more effectively. Someone suggested that I need to feel kinesthetically because that is my dominating learning style... and to integrate this process with something visual or to make drawings, & then talk into my voce recorder after writing/drawing about the terms and concepts I'm to process and recall on a test. It seems like more work, but then I like the integration approach.
    Feel free to respond.

  2. It seems to me you put out what you wanted and the answer came in that would work with the way you study. If it seems as if it has too many steps, I would re-think and re-word what I asked for and set the intention again. Or you could try it the way it came in making each step as simple as possible. After becoming familiar with it and having it leave it's imprint on your memory refine the steps simplifying them even more.

  3. It makes me even happier to know that you enjoy the necklace, I was just listening to what it wanted=) I love you, Auntie =)

  4. Good to hear from you. Thank you for being a large part of the magic of my life. I love you too!