Friday, January 8, 2010

Welcoming in 2010

Hello everyone. Today is the first day of my new blog. It is my intention to write in it at least weekly. I look forward to your comments, questions and input.

Isn't this the most wonderful time? It may not seem so to some yet, this is a powerful time of creation. We are in a whole new energy that is bringing us to a new level of understanding and manifestation. We have opened our heart centers and are connecting on a global level.  

This year is important in so many ways.  We have always manifested our thoughts and beliefs even when we have been unaware that we were doing so.  Over the years it has been stressed to be conscious of your thoughts, actions and words as these were creating.  That as we connected on a level of consciousness we created more rapidly what was largly held in mass consciousness.  We have had a shift in the belief of this consciousness and it is allowing all to create at a more rapid rate. 

Do not fear this as it allows you to become very aware of where you have been held on an earthly level and allows you to view it, feel it, process it and move it out of the life you are living.  This opens you to creating a world that is more in alignment of the truth of man.  What is that truth you ask?  That man is and always has been fully connected to the Divine.

Let me say it again.  I look forward to you joining me in this blog adding your sparkling energy and Divine Wisdom.  Blessings.........Cherry


  1. This feels beautiful and blessed. What a wonderful way to share.

  2. Thank you so much. It feels very right to me too. It allows people not just to "hear" what I have to say, it allows them to add to it. That makes it even more. Life is about our connections. Love to you girl.

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